The Overnight Bag to Pack Before Moving

The Overnight Bag to Pack Before Moving

If you’re moving home in the near future, you’ve probably already read that you should pack an overnight bag with a few essentials for that first night in your new home. What should that bag actually contain, though? Here is a quick checklist to use while you pack.

Bathroom Essentials

You’re going to want to use the bathroom in your new house, and you may even need a shower after moving all day. Be sure to include a few essentials like toilet paper, a few towels, some shampoo and soap, and a toothbrush. You may also want to include a razor and shaving cream, as well as any other items you consider essentials for a single night.

A Water Bottle

It sounds ridiculous, but remember that all of your glassware is likely packed, and an empty water bottle is the perfect way to get a quick drink when you need one as you unpack.

Charging Cords

Which electronics are a must have on that first night? If it’s your phone, bring the cord. If it’s the laptop, bring that cord too. Whatever you may need access to should be part of that bag, and for most people, that’s at least a phone.

Plastic Tableware

Are you planning to eat? Grab a bag of plastic forks, spoons, and knives as well as some paper plates and napkins, then throw them in the bag. If you hit a takeaway, you could also ask for additional disposable utensils.

Trash Bags

Moving means plenty of trash. Be sure you have a place to put it.


You’ll need access to an outfit and a set of PJs for the first night in your new house. Don’t forget that each member of your family will need the same.

Sleeping Gear

Whether you pack a set of sheets or just give yourself access to some sleeping bags and pillows, this too is a must.


If you have small kids, you need a great toy or maybe a DVD or tablet to play with while you’re trying to get boxes unpacked and rooms set up.

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