When it comes to moving your house, one of the most important issues is the cost of moving. Many people choose moving company on the basis of price only, however we advise against that. There are factors equally important, such as the experience of a company, customers’ opinions and more. Friendly Moves provides the highest quality and best service in all criterias you might consider.


House moving costs

In Friendly Moves we do not set a specific cost for all services. As we want to meet all of our customers expectations, everything we do is based on particular needs and personal factors. The price of our moving services depends, among others, on:

  • the distance between your current location and where you want to move
  • the amount of possessions to transport
  • the size and weight of possessions
  • whether there are any (and if so, how many) special care items to move

Each cost estimate is prepared individually for every customer. We want the price to be adequate to what you need and expect from our services. Moreover, there are no additional, hidden costs. Everything is transparent and clear, so that you know what you pay for.

How much are house removal costs?

Every moving company determines their services costs on the basis of different factors. Here, in Friendly Moves we establish our prices on particular factors, which vary for every client. If you are interested in more details, you can contact us to get a quote of estimated house moving costs. The pre-moving survey lets us discover your needs and required services. In our offer you can find services incl.:

  • home removals
  • Man and Van
  • office removals
  • packing
  • storage

Therefore, the cost is also dependent on any additional services, such as for example storage and its duration. For these reasons it is difficult to give a definitive answer to questions such as “what is the cost of moving?”.

Moving cost UK

Of course, when you are only moving your home around London it will be cheaper than moving across the United Kingdom. In our offer you can also find international moving services, which surely cost more than transporting your possessions on a few feet. There is no doubt that this system of estimating costs is the most rightful, as our customers are not charged extra.

Such a tailored cost estimate gives our customers the feeling of being treated fairly and individually. In Friendly Moves, we believe that house moving costs might be one of the most stressful elements of the whole house removal. In that we want it to be as suitable as possible.

Cost factors

As mentioned before, the cost of moving depends on various factors. The first one worth mentioning is the location and distance. When it comes to the location, the determining factors are parking spots, constricted access to the building, low bridges, etc. In other words, any obstacles, which may hamper the work of the moving team. The distance means that the more miles between the origin and target property, the higher the cost.

The second issue is the volume of belongings and their size. It is obvious that if the customer has more pieces of furniture to move, and if they are of greater size, the price will also be higher. Although again, the house moving cost is established individually, taking into consideration all factors, therefore there is no strict particular price for a specific volume.

Another crucial, price-making trigger is the presence and amount of special care items, i.e. furniture or decorations, that need more protection during transportation. Here we can include works of art, porcelain, glass or simply anything with sentimental value, that you want to be highly safe during house moving. These need to be eminently wrapped, packed and transported, so that nothing is destroyed.

Additional services also determine the cost of moving. In our offer you can find various services, which you may combine or make use of one of them. The most often connected two are packing with office or home removals, however it is also a popular bundle with storage.

These are just a few of price determining factors, which are surely interdependent and variable. Consequently, this is the reason for the lack of a one definitive cost of moving. If you want to know the house moving costs for you, contact us and let us prepare the survey estimating costs.

Cost estimating survey

To properly estimate the final cost of house moving, we need to know, among others, which services you need. Moreover, we also ensure about additional, mentioned above and other factors, which influence the cost directly. However, don’t be afraid that you will have to pay over the odds. Our cost estimate is always reasonable, and you are charged only for what you want. We do not include any hidden extras, everything is transparent so in case of any doubts you can reach us and we will answer your questions.

Ceaselessly we are trying to improve our services and to make our customers pleased and satisfied with our work. If you are considering house moving, check our offer yourself and contact us in case of questions. We will be overjoyed to help!

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