Dumping the Clutter Before the Move: A How-To Guide

Dumping the Clutter Before the Move: A How-To Guide

Nearly everyone who moves tries to clear out the clutter in their homes or flats before they do so. It makes the process so much easier. Unfortunately, it’s also relatively overwhelming. Where do you begin? How can you get started? This quick guide can help.

Step 1: Start with a List of Potential Items To Declutter

When you decided to clear the clutter, you probably had a few items in mind. The best place to start is with a list of the items that need to be dumped for each room of your home.

Step 2: Pick a Room, Any Room

After you have your list made, it’s time to begin. Choose any room in your home, because you’ll go room by room during this process. There are only two options for each item in that room – keep or dump. Decide on a space to store all of the stuff you’ve decided to part with ahead of time. Once it’s there, you can decide whether to sell some items online, have a rummage sale, or donate them to a charity shop.

Step 3: Deciding What to Keep

Sometimes, in the midst of Step 2, it will be tough to decide what you should actually keep. This list might help: financial paperwork, standby clothing items that go with almost everything and never seem to fall out of fashion, family paperwork and photos, and home records. In terms of what you should eliminate, here’s a list to use: outdated clothing or items that no longer fit, outdated electronics, toys your children no longer play with, books you’ve read, kitchen gadgets you don’t use, craft items you won’t use, and paper records you no longer need. If you plan to donate anything to a charity shop, it’s best to contact them in advance to see what types of donations they take.

Step 4: Finish a Room Before Moving On to the Next

If you intend to undertake this process room by room, make sure you complete a room before you go to the next. This can help you stay within your moving timeline and ensure you don’t get overwhelmed in the long run. What’s more, though, is that you’ll instantly know which rooms are ready for your removal company to pack and which ones still need a bit of sorting.

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