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Being one of the best Man and Van removals services in West London, we know what your property mean to you. That’s why, we handle your goods and belongings with care. We are an officially recognised company and fully licensed to enhance your trust as well as reliability.

Man and Van Fine Art Removals Service - Friendly Moves

Being one of the best Man and Van removals services in West London, we know what your property means to you. That’s why we handle your goods and belongings with care. We are an officially recognised company and fully licensed to enhance your trust as well as reliability.


Are You Planning to Move in the Near Future?

Leave it to the trusted Man and Van team from London!

As Friendly Moves Limited, we offer practical support to make your move easier. Knowing customer needs, our Man and Van service provides a wide range of services in the field of removals and transport of goods.

Our company guarantees your moving will be perfectly planned, organized and performed. Also, and more importantly, the removals will be carried out by people who will do so qualitatively. Whatever your requirements, our local experts will ensure that everything goes smoothly. We provide the complete package of services, assisting you from start to finish.

We are a man and van removals London service, helping clients both locally – in London, across the UK, and internationally. We mainly specialize in safe and fast relocations in West London, because we are stationed there, but make no mistake, any move to a place in the UK or Europe – none of this is the problem for our experts!


Man and Van Removal Services West London

Is moving your next big plan? Are you looking for some professional Man with Van West London removals to handle your moving process with care? Do you want hassle-free house removal, without getting stressed about your goods?

Give your quest a break, because we are elegantly making moving hassle free, like never before. Friendly Moves Limited is serving London for a long time by providing fully trusted and guaranteed moving services. Our professional team of skilled individuals makes it possible for you to shed off all your tension and sit peacefully – while enjoying the smooth moving process. You think it is impossible? Then give us a chance and see our claim in practice.

Being one of the best Man and Van West London services, we know what your things mean to you. That’s why we handle your goods and belongings with care. We are an officially recognized company and fully licensed to enhance your trust as well as reliability. So, don’t worry because we are the right people to conduct this chaos-free moving procedure for you.

Man with van West London removal services are one of the most looked for when moving a house. Friendly Moves provides many moving services, among which man with a van West London can be found. Packing, transportation and unpacking are the least enjoyable parts of moving and this is why we are here to help. With man and van West London, you don’t have to worry about anything as we take care of everything.

Man and Van West London service for moving

Moving your place or items from one place to another is usual, but it becomes traumatic due to constant chaos in the process. Our man with van West London company can help you in making the moving process easy for you. Moreover, we have done it many times and will be obliged to do it for you too. Our team is fully trained to meet any kind of moving needs. With our man with a van West London services, we are changing the distressing meanings of moving into a serene experience.

Now going to a new place or getting new things is no longer a problem. We assure that you will feel the happiness of embracing new things in your life with the help of man with van West London excellent team. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction and for this, we can go extra miles to ensure you a complete peace of mind. This is our core equation and we never forget it.

Our man and van West London services not only help you to move your items, in fact, they can also help you in packing, loading, unpacking and unloading your belongings. Due to all these assorted services, we are one stop-shop solution for all your possible moving requirements. Whether it is a matter of moving the whole place or just some items – we handle everything with equal attention and care. The latter both for you and your things is equally important to our man with a van West London service. Stop worrying, because it is time to say ‘hello’ to your ultimate serenity with us.

You won’t regret choosing Friendly Moves man and van West London services. Every day we ensure to maintain the highest quality and efficiency of work. By combining it with affordable prices, we have created one of the best man with van West London companies. Your satisfaction and convenience are the most important issues for us. By choosing our man with a van West London services, you make sure every piece of your furniture, decorations and anything you are willing to transport, will be safe and taken proper care of.

Our Man and Van West London keen prices

With respect to other London van removals services, we offer our services at very economical rates. We don’t let money ruin your peace of mind. Or well-considered budgets are specially designed to address the moving requirements of all the people. The high octane man and van West London services that we provide are worth spending – we mean it! There are no hidden fees or conditions. Everything we do or charge you for is transparent and clear, so that you never have to guess what you pay for. Our prices are also bluntly keen and reasonable, as we are not willing to overcharge our customers.

If you want to make use of sincere, professional services and not pay over the odds, then you hit the spot. Friendly Moves provides high quality services for affordable prices. We care for your belongings with the highest solicitude, so you don’t have to worry after confiding your goods to our experts.

If you want moving services for any place, furniture, transport vehicles, delivery from the store or auction – give us a call. Our staff is always waiting for your call, so let us do the honor of bringing peace in your life. Stress less about house removal with Friendly Moves man with van West London services. Entrust your belongings to the experts who we are and never worry about house removal matters again. We promise to live up to your expectations and make the best out of your house removal experience. Enjoy your new start in life, in your new home by trusting the best professionals in town. Get the quote and check what we can do for you!


What is a Man with a Van service? (Why Is It Called “Man With a Van”? Definition and Meaning)

A ‘man with a van’ is a service typically performed by one single person who will move your belongings from one place to another using either Luton Vans or removal lorries. It can regard a house or office move, as well as apply to an assistance in collecting rubbish and taking them to a selected disposal facility. The advantages of a man and van London service are the price and the availability. It is cheaper than a removals company and way often accessible, even during demanding holiday seasons.

How does Man with a Van work? (Man And Van Duties And Responsibilities)

A man with a van, as mentioned above, is a service that ensures your relocation will go smoothly and securely. Professionals that work in our man and van London are with you from start to finish, starting from consultation, to estimation of the whole process, then helping you pack, load and finally transport all your belongings to a new destination. All the workers are qualified and up-to-date with every nuance and inconvenience that they may come across during the removal, thus will ensure all will go down as best as possible.

What service does Man and Van provide?

Services typically provided by a man with van London include home and office removals, man and van, moving and packing assistance, storage, piano and fine art removals. What is more, you may get help in moves around the United Kingdom as well as in International ones to countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy or Scandinavia. All mentioned are performed by a specialist with much knowledge and experience in the fields, offering their guidance from start to finish.

What equipment is Man with Van using during the move? (Are removal boxes provided and packing materials included in the moving price?)

The materials that we use during the move are as follows: furniture moving skates/dollies, covers and blankets, as well as removals trolleys and a piano shoe. Furthermore, we also utilize a furniture hoists and self-loading forklifts. Every material that we use is of the highest quality and will undoubtedly help in ensuring the safety and security of your belongings. In the case of packing materials, they are not included in the price, therefore if you are in need of such, you must notify us beforehand.

What if I notice any damage?

There is no need to worry! Given that we have been on the market for long enough to know that such incidents may happen, we offer our clients a full insurance. If we are found to be at fault for losing or damaging any of your valuables, we will either reimburse the cost to a maximum of £50.00 sterling for each or repair and replace the item. However, if we decide to do the latter, we are not responsible for any value loss. All details regarding what is considered as an item are included in the “Terms and Conditions Insured Remover” available on the subpage “Terms and Conditions”.

What is the suitable van size for me? (What vans does Man and Van use? Are there multiple sizes available?)

In our Man and Van London service we offer both Luton Vans and removal lorries. The firsts are best for home and office removals, as they may fit large furniture, appliances or boxes with the least amount of hassle. As for the latter, removal lorries are commonly used for more demanding moves, as they may carry large and heavy loads. The decision about which means of transport to use will be made during the first consultation, when we estimate the amount of your belongings.

How many helpers will I get?

Standard man with a van service that we provide includes the help of 2 people, although that may vary. If you are aware that your move is more demanding and requires all hands-on-deck, it is best to notify us during our first meeting. We will estimate how many people will be of assistance and provide a complete service. You need not worry that the move will be unsuccessful – we will do everything within our power to achieve a thriving outcome.

What if I need additional support (e.g. 2 vans or more men)?

For our man and van London service, the issue is no more! We have both fleet of vans that we can provide for you, if necessary, and, as mentioned above, a large group of specialists that will take care of all your needs. All our employees are experienced and have years of practice, as well as good teamwork spirit therefore they will come to your aid ready to take action and do their work as efficiently and fleetly as possible.

What if the job will take longer?

Given our experience and years spent on the market, our man and van service is naturally prepared for such contingency. In the beginning, we may estimate that removal will take a smaller amount of time, but it may change in the meantime, due to e.g. weather conditions or other, independent means. Because of that, we always have a team of extra help that is fully prepared to jump in and relieve you of unneeded stress. They are qualified and knowledgeable, so you need not to worry about the standard of your move.

Is travelling with a van driver allowed?

There is no possibility to be travelling in the van with our worker. We have a strict policy of not allowing such, due to safety reasons. As our customer, you will get a complete package of moving services with your belongings safe and sound inside our trucks, but your means of accommodation cannot be provided. It would be inappropriate and risky to offer such, as there may come upon some inconveniences during the transportation process that would endanger you.

Do I have to arrange a parking space?

In the case of a parking space, there is no need for you to arrange it yourself. Of course, if you have the means for such and want to take care of it yourself, you are free to do so. However, we are fully prepared to get such a space ourselves, ensuring that it will be appropriate for the occasion and the size of our vans. We will choose the best area possible and ensure that no difficulties will happen during the time vans are being loaded with your belongings.

Will the professionals carry the items up to the 5th floor or above?

All your belongings, no matter the size or shape, will be carried up to the 5th floor by our professionals. Usually, we will arrange for a specified number of workers to help during carrying your belongings so as not to overload anyone. However, if necessary, we will arrange for a furniture lift that will be of assistance during transporting the items to higher floors. All details and plans regarding such will be discussed during our initial meeting and carried out later on.

Will the movers carry goods to any floor or room?

Naturally, our man and van removals London provide a complete package of services, thus it is no issue to carry all your belongings to any desirable floor or room. The assistance includes packing, delivery, unpacking, set-up, basic assembly and debris removal from one place to another, taking all the load off of your shoulders. All you must do is focus on the crucial issues regarding your new place of accommodation. Our experts will take other means into their own hands and finish the process successfully. To add more, we also provide a full clearance service, giving you a chance to rest before starting your new journey.

When should I book my move and how much notice must I give?

As for the notice, we cannot clearly define the time stamp. There are the so-called high seasons, during which our availability might be limited, thus it is best to inform us as soon as possible about the move and its possible date. Of course, we will try to accommodate everything up to your needs, but there might be slight delays, especially on holidays and other feast days. Do not worry though! The removals will be carried out but if you want a specified date, ensure to inform us sooner rather than later.

Areas we cover in London

Friendly Moves Limited specializes in Man and Van Removals in the UK. We cover all parts of London. Please check the subregions we cover!

Man and Van Central London

• Man and Van Camden
• Man and Van London
• Man and Van Kensington
• Man and Van Chelsea
• Man and Van Islington
• Man and Van Lambeth
• Man and Van Southwark
• Man and Van Westminster

Man and Van North London

• Man and Van Barnet
• Man and Van Enfield
• Man and Van Haringey

Man and Van East London

• Man and Van Barking
• Man and Van Dagenham
• Man and Van Bexley
• Man and Van Greenwich
• Man and Van Havering
• Man and Van Lewisham
• Man and Van Newham
• Man and Van Redbridge
• Man and Van Tower Hamlets
• Man and Van Waltham Forest

Man and Van South London

• Man and Van Bromley
• Man and Van Croydon
• Man and Van Kingston Upon Thames
• Man and Van Merton
• Man and Van Sutton
• Man and Van Wandsworth

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