How To Help An Elderly People Move To New Home?

How To Help Elderly People Move To A New Home?

Making a move at any age can be stressful. It is even more overwhelming for elders who have been living in one house for several decades. The process of rightsizing and relocating takes much time and effort, which is why the younger generation has to assist during such a challenging period. Are you moving elderly parents out of their home? You will need another pair of qualified hands and a proper plan to complete the process successfully. Check out our checklist for moving elderly parents and see what to do to make the relocation easier for you and them.

Reasons Elderly People Move And Why This Matters

At some point in life, most of us decide it is the right time to make a change and move houses. For senior citizens, though, it is associated with slightly different reasons. What are the most common motives of moving elderly people?

To be closer to relatives

In many cases, elders move to be active in their family’s life, most importantly, grandchildren’s. When they retire and have more free time, they want to help with the youngsters’ upbringing. As expected, it is way more complicated from a distance. For that reason alone, moving elderly people closer to us allows our parents to feel needed and relieves them from too many responsibilities.

To downsize homes

Unsurprisingly, when children move out from their parents, the place gets too spacious and, for some seniors, too empty. It is way cheaper and more comfortable to relocate to a smaller apartment where they can enjoy fewer domestic responsibilities. Need not worry if there are many belongings to transport, as our man and van West London will assist your elders in finishing the procedure successfully and quickly. If needed, we can also store some of the possessions until the space in a new apartment is vacant.

To enjoy social life

Seniors who live alone may get lonely and depressed. Even more so, when their family lives in another city and they cannot visit often enough. Therefore moving elderly people to different, more socially available locations is a great way to engage them in meaningful, productive activities, giving them new purpose and boosting their mood.

To get support

When younger, we do not think much of everyday activities, such as getting up in the morning, making breakfast or taking a shower. The older we get, the more complicated they get. Sometimes, mobility limitations make living impossible, so having a person available to help with these challenges can be liberating. Moving elderly parents out of their home to communities with assistance services lifts a burden off their lives. It allows them to carry out simple house activities and enjoy social life to the maximum.

The mentioned above are the most common reasons for moving elderly people. However, the list is endless. We must see to our parents’ comfort and, upon noticing signs of unease, ask if they would prefer to change locations. If so, contacting a man and van removals London to assist with shifting house might be crucial to avoid delays and additional costs and make the process as easy and quick as possible.

Reasons Elderly People Move And Why This Matters

Tips for Helping an Elderly Person Move House

While deciding to move elderly people, you must acknowledge that you need time to plan the procedure appropriately. You will likely have to reach out for help. Our man with a van West London, given years of experience, knows how challenging and tricky it can be, which is why experts offer valuable advice and assistance from start to finish. Need some tips first? Check out our checklist for moving elderly parents to make the relocation as seamless as possible.

Get help

No matter the magnitude of the relocation, qualified packers and movers may significantly influence the procedure. They will equip you with materials and help you plan and carry out the process in the most time- and cost-saving way, relieving elders from unnecessary stress.

Sort and organize

Seniors are very attached to their personal belongings. If they prefer to pack them themselves, help them organise their possessions in labelled boxes. That will make the process smoother and more accessible and allow you to quicker unpack in a new home.

Store or donate

Undoubtedly, there will be many unneeded things that your parents or relatives will have to let go of. On top of that, there can be no free space for the possessions that they want to take with them. If such a situation arises, inform professionals of the need for storage space. After your parents settle in, our man and van London will safely return the items.

Give time

Moving elderly parents out of their home after years of living in one place can be emotional, especially for seniors. Give them time to get comfortable with the thought, and never pressure them into doing it at your pace.

Help to settle

Even though our man and van removals London will ensure that the procedure is carried out efficiently and all belongings are delivered at the agreed time, you still have to make time for your elders to help them feel welcomed at their new home. Go with them to visit the neighbours and show them the nearest grocery stores, galleries or places where they can relax. Do not leave them alone when they do not feel comfortable yet!

Tips for Helping an Elderly Person Move House


As presented, moving elderly parents out of their home is a complex and very challenging process. You must ensure they feel comfortable every step of the way while taking care of the documentation and the safety of their belongings. To free yourself from hard labour, you should seek professional help. In Friendly Moves, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with seniors’ relocation, saving time and eliminating the risk of any possible damage. Get acquainted with our checklist for moving elderly parents, and if any questions arise, feel free to contact us. After all, we are your best insurance against moving failure and will see to your relatives’ successful relocation in no time.