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Whether you’re moving down the street or making an international move abroad, you won’t find a better international removals London service than Friendly Moves! Our team has your best interests in mind, ensuring that every step of the removal process is as easy as possible from the moment you begin packing that first carton to the moment we unload the last carton off the truck into your new international location home or office.

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Whether you’re moving down the street or making an international move abroad, you won’t find a better international removals company than Friendly Moves! Our team has your best interests in mind, ensuring that every step of the removal process is as easy as possible from the moment you begin packing that first carton to the moment we unload the last carton off the truck into your new international location home or office.

The Best Ingredients for a Simple Move Abroad

A hassle-free international move requires firm foundations and deep knowledge. That’s why, at our international removals services, it all begins with a one-one-one conference. The team at our international removals company will meet you at your current home or office, then complete a detailed survey to help understand the services you need. Before we ever leave, we’ll give you a transparent quote so you know exactly what our international removals services include and how it may fit within your budget. In international removals company London, we offer a number of different services to help you make it to your new home or flat abroad as quickly as possible.

• Are you worried about the burden of packing and unpacking for your international move? It may seem like a daunting task that will keep you awake for nights on end, but our experts at international removals London are here to help. We have a well-trained team that will do your packing and unpacking for you without any damage.

• Concerned about taking the furniture apart? You’ve got enough to worry about making sure you’re passport is ready for your travel. Furthermore, you’ve done your utilities meter readings. Let the experts at our international removals London take care of the furniture  Oversized, larger furniture often doesn’t fit through tiny stairwells or in some doorways, so many pieces may require disassembly before you move. All professionals at our international removals company London have the experience to help, and our team can step in at any point. Moreover, our experts ensure that your goods will be handled professionally. We can even reassemble them for you in your new location.

• Need storage? If you’re making an international move or there’s a little gap in your moving process, our professionals can hold on to the things in a well-appointed storage facility. Your belongings will be secure until you want them back. No matter how long you need the storage facilities, international removals London will be happy to help.

• Want a team on your schedule? Friendly Moves, our international removals company London, offer 24/7 service, so whenever you need us to get in touch, we’ll be there with fast, efficient services. Call our international removals London any time to discuss your international move plans as our exceptional service is just a quick call away from you.

Our team at international removals London aims to provide a best quality international removals services. We have a strong base, and we provide our international move clients with a stress-free move abroad. The team of experts at our international removals company will help you move from your old home to the new home overseas, without worry. Give us a call today to schedule your international move.

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When should I contact the international removals company?

Essential steps, such as hiring international removals London company, should be taken care of well ahead of time. To be more precise, when you are sure that your relocation is happening, contact a chosen unit and book a consultation. It is unwise to leave it for the last minute as you may not be guaranteed assistance. It is best to reach out to a European removals London service at best 12 weeks and no later than 4 weeks before you move.

How do I arrange a quotation?

Arranging a quotation is the easiest step of your relocation process. What you have to do, is fill out a form that is available on our website or call 0208 090 3838 for your survey to be arranged. Our international moving company UK will send an expert for a one-on-one consultation to assess essential factors of the procedure and create a personalized quote for you.

How will you calculate the cost of my removal? What does the removal quotation include?

In Friendly Moves Limited, we prepare an individual quote for every client. No move is the same, which is why we estimate the final costs based on the distance, the number of possessions, their size and weight, as well as any special requests. What is guaranteed, though, is that there are no extra, hidden costs. When you hire our international removals London company, you get an estimated and transparent quote, and any changes are consulted with you beforehand.

Will I have to pay VAT?

Value Added Tax is included in the quotations. However, any other customs duties levies or fees payable to the government or other statutory bodies will be payable additionally. Naturally, you will be informed of any extra charges on a consultation and, if changes arise, during the move.

Does Friendly Moves Limited offers packing and collecting nationwide?

There is no reason to worry and burden yourself with such a task, as our international moving company UK offers packing and unpacking assistance. A well-trained team of experts will take care of all your belongings with utmost care and respect, without any damage. Of course, you can pack yourself but we recommend reaching out for such services to avoid inconveniences and ensure the safety of your goods.

When is the payment required?

Unless previously agreed, you must pay charges in advance of the removal, not withholding any part of the quote. If payment is not received before the removal date, our international removals London company can terminate the contract and not carry out any services. What is more, if you have overdue accounts, there is 2% per month of interest calculated on a daily basis.

How much notice should I give to book my removal?

As mentioned before, it is wiser to hire European removals London company at least 12 and no later than 4 weeks before the move. Remember that there are high seasons during which our services may be limited or unavailable. If you give notice too late, there is a possibility that you will be left without assistance. Therefore, as soon as you know when your relocation is happening, contact our international moving company UK and sign a contract.

What method of shipment do you recommend?

Depending on the number of your goods, Friendly Moves Limited offers either Luton Vans or removal lorries. The latter is recommended for more demanding moves as they easily carry large and heavy loads. We will determine what kind of container you need when we estimate the number of your belongings.

Are there any items prohibited from shipment?

You must be aware that there are many items prohibited from shipment, and no matter the circumstances, we cannot make any exceptions. Depending on the destination of your international removal, there might be different policies – we will inform you of them beforehand. However, the items typically excluded from the shipment include jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, money, deeds, securities, stamps or goods and collections of a similar kind. Furthermore, our services will not remove any dangerous, explosive items, as well as goods that are likely to encourage vermis or other pests, as well as food and drinks. Various means of transportation, including cars and boats, as well as animals and stimulants (alcohol, cigars, cigarettes), are also not included in our shipment. If you decide on packing such and will not inform our European removals London company beforehand, we will not be liable for any damages.

How do I prepare for moving day?

If you want your move to go faster, it is best to organize your belongings, letting go of all the dispensable goods. You can either sell, donate or dispose of them, and if there are items that you want to keep but have no space to do so, reach out to Friendly Moves for storage. What is more, you must prepare all your legal documentation, including a passport, ID or visa (depending on the destination of your move) and ensure everything is up to date. If you have any doubts, feel free to call our experts to relieve yourself from unnecessary stress.

Will Friendly Moves Limited use quality packing materials?

Naturally, if you ask for a packing service, our international removals company will provide all the necessary equipment to secure your belongings. These include tapes, boxes, stickers and other supplies. If agreed, we will supply you with all the costs for the materials during a consultation. If you decide to pack yourself, we can also provide you with equipment for a fixed price.

Can Friendly Moves Limited provide storage for my belongings? (Where are your storage facilities?)

Of course! If you need storage, Friendly Moves Limited provides you with such an option. You can choose either short or long-term storage (from a few days even up to a few months) and ensure your goods are taken care of properly. We offer quality, safe storage in London (Central London, North London, South London, East London and West London) or if needed, any other point of origin at your eventual destination. You can be sure that all items will be carefully stored and insured In lockers or compartments, as well as containers and given back to you at the time of your choosing.

Are my goods insured?

Naturally, we provide you with an insurance option that you can agree on upon the consultation. We draw up a specified contract that includes essential information and is appropriate for the type of your move. More details will be provided to you during a consultation.

What happens on arrival at a destination?

Once your belongings arrive at the destination, our international removals company will contact you and arrange a convenient delivery date. A trusted team member will arrive at your home and unload all items, unpacking and removing any packaging materials if needed.

What financial protection do I have?

If any damage is caused to your Goods, we will pay you up to a maximum of £50.00 sterling for each item, covering the repairing or replacing costs. You must notify us of such in writing by recorded delivery post or email within 7 days of their collection or delivery unless you request a reasonable extension. Our international removals London company may also decide on repairing or replacing the damages ourselves, without any responsibility for depreciation in their value.

How long will my shipment take to arrive at the destination?

The times of shipments vary depending on your destination, the means of transportation and a country’s regulations. We will present you with an estimated timescale upon meeting but be aware that it may change in the meantime. It may take a few days, as well as a few weeks – that is why booking us in advance is the key if you want a fast and efficient move.

Will my shipment be opened on the way?

Most times, shipments are delivered unopened. However, depending on the country’s policy and the rights of their customs officials, they may request to inspect your goods. Our team will oversee the process and ensure its security. We can assure you of respecting your privacy from start to finish, but such inspections are beyond our control.

How many people will be sent to pack my things?

Usually, standard service includes the help of 2 people. Though, in the case of international removals, you may get more assistance. It all depends on the number of belongings that you have. Need not worry! Our international moving company UK will estimate the demand, and ensure you get as many helpers as required for a successful finish of the procedure.

Areas we cover in London

Friendly Moves Limited specializes in International Removals from UK to France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland/Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Scandanavia. We cover all parts of London. Please check the subregions we cover!

International Removals Central London

• International Removals Camden
• International Removals London
• International Removals Kensington
• International Removals Chelsea
• International Removals Islington
• International Removals Lambeth
• International Removals Southwark
• International Removals Westminster

International Removals North London

• International Removals Barnet
• International Removals Enfield
• International Removals Haringey

International Removals East London

• International Removals Barking
• International Removals Dagenham
• International Removals Bexley
• International Removals Greenwich
• International Removals Havering
• International Removals Lewisham
• International Removals Newham
• International Removals Redbridge
• International Removals Tower Hamlets
• International Removals Waltham Forest

International Removals South London

• International Removals Bromley
• International Removals Croydon
• International Removals Kingston Upon Thames
• International Removals Merton
• International Removals Sutton
• International Removals Wandsworth

International Removals West London

• International Removals Brent
• International Removals Ealing
• International Removals Hammersmith
• International Removals Fulham
• International Removals Harrow
• International Removals Richmond Upon Thames
• International Removals Hillingdon
• International Removals Hounslow

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