How To Move House With Pot Plants?

How To Move House With Pot Plants?

When moving house, you must think ahead not only about what possessions to take with you but also about how to approach relocating plants. Naturally, if you are a keen gardener, you may want to bring flowers with you, ensuring they arrive at your new destination in perfect condition. How to move house with plants properly and without putting them at risk? There are a few things to consider, from packaging to choosing the best transport. Therefore, How to best approach the topic, and what to do with plants when moving to avoid harm?

How much space do pot plants take up in the truck?

Moving with plants, even though sounds easy, may bring a lot of unnecessary hassle. Usually, they are made from heavy materials and can easily topple and break, leaving us with no greenery. The space required for a safe relocation varies, as it depends on the number of pot plants and their size, but as an experienced man with a van West London, we can let you in on a secret: it may take much more room than you would have thought. As they cannot be stacked upon any other possessions and take up the floor-to-ceiling space, we usually need at least half of the vehicle to secure them adequately. That is why contacting professionals that ensure the availability of such means of transportation is crucial when moving house with indoor plants. You gain another set of hands on deck and save yourself the time and stress of going through the process independently.

Could soil or water from my pot plants get on my furniture?

Soil or water is necessary to keep your pot plants alive. Therefore, you must relocate them with either mentioned to let them survive the journey. As a man and van removals London, we will make your moving house with plants way easier, ensuring no soil or water gets on any other belongings placed inside the vehicle. Qualified employees are equipped with the necessary materials to pad the space between your greenery and your prized possessions. These items will catch any loose trickles of water and soil spillage that could occur during transportation.

Nevertheless, if you observe that your pot is already damaged, inform the professionals or care to secure it before the relocation happens. How to move house with plants that have holes in the base? Quite simple. Enclose the base with plastic bags, tie it off around the bottom and, under no circumstances, wet your pot plants on your moving day. Ask our man with a van West London for advice if you have any more doubts.

What if I have very large planter pots or planter boxes to relocate?

Planning a home shift is always stressful, especially when moving house with indoor plants. But what if you own planter boxes or greenery of a large size? Your success depends on the proper preparations. First and foremost, emptying the soil into some duty bags before the big day may be helpful. When transporting a plant, the root ball should be carefully enclosed within a sturdy, non-porous bag filled with moist soil. This way, our movers can quickly shift large planters without putting anything at risk. Sometimes, it may require you to break them down into manageable portions. Do not worry; our employees can also take care of such a process for you. Inform us before the moving day of such a situation, and together, we will determine the best way to move with plants successfully.

How much space do pot plants take up in the truck?

What happens if a plant doesn’t survive the journey?

When you hire professionals to move house with indoor plants, you can be sure that all your possessions will be insured. The man with a van West London takes full responsibility for furniture and greenery, handling any errors or damage in transit. If experts will drop or mishandle your stuff while moving house with plants, you will get compensation. However, what is important to remember is that no one is responsible for the general health of your plant or its adaptation to a new environment. Flowers can get damaged due to changed living conditions, and it is up to you to replace them. Ensure to care for your plants daily to avoid unnecessary harm.

Do I need professional help while moving with plants?

Relocation, no matter the distance, requires much time and effort. Suppose you decide to do it on your own, putting all your possessions at risk. The lack of proper packaging equipment and knowledge of techniques may get them damaged while in transit. As a result, you will not only lose your stuff but also have to replace them with your own money. What to do with plants when moving, you ask? Leave that to a qualified pair of hands with years of practice handling even the most demanding relocations. This way, you can focus on more important matters and ensure all your belongings, pot plants included, arrive at their new destination in the perfect condition. And, if any inconveniences happen during the transportation, you will get fair compensation.

To conclude, moving house with plants is tiring and exhausting, undoubtedly requiring knowledge and experience that you, as a standalone, cannot have. To avoid harm, it is best to hire professionals. If you are planning such a relocation, contact us! Friendly Moves Limited movers will answer all your needs, dispelling doubts about how to move house with plants.