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Need secure storage to store furniture or your belongings?

You will be pleased to hear that Friendly Moves Limited offers some of the most cost effective storage services in London. We can offer short term storage, a few days, weeks or months. Also long term storage if required, to complement our quick and flexible removal services.

Stress Free Storage By Using Friendly Moves

Friendly Moves offers stress free, cost effective, fully insured storage in London. So if you find you need to store your belongings for a period of time due to a delayed or cancelled house move. We’re here to help.

Moving your home or office is always a stressful process, but if you’re delayed moving house or business premises, it may be necessary to store your belongings for a period of time, either short term storage or longer term storage. That’s where we come in.

Based in London, our storage and removal team combine to offer quality, safe storage for household or businesses in London. Whether you’ll be staying for a few months or several years, our experienced, professional storage team will help you get everything stored safely to give you peace of mind.

You will also receive excellent service from our Friendly Moves Storage Team

So when you need secure, fully insured storage in London a very competitive prices, give Friendly Moves a call today.

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Why Friendly Moves?

With Friendly Moves, you can expect the highest possible level of service.  This is what we  offer you:-

  • Secure storage in London for short or long term storage. All of your fragile items will be carefully stored in fully secured and fully insured storage lockers and storage compartments for your peace of mind. wrapped and secured in the packing boxes. Your clothing and linen will be just as carefully packed and placed into ideal containers. Your soft furnishings will be carefully sealed in dust-proof packaging while your wood furniture will be safely secured.
  • We can provide a container to your residence, then transport it to our storage depot so you are able to get on with other matters.
  • Need storage? We can help there too, with storage options at the point of origin or at your eventual destination.
  • We’re fully insured, so you can always trust our services. They’re also one of the most cost-effective London storage choices in the industry. Something we are very proud of.
  • Ready to learn more about what we have to offer? Give us a call today as we can offer quality, secure storage in London at competitive prices.


Storage London By Friendly Moves Limited



Request a free storage estimate through our website.


We will call you back to arrange a meeting at your convenience.


Our qualified employees will prepare a detailed storage estimate for you and schedule next steps


We’ll pack up your furniture and belongings ready to safely transport them (on-demand service)


We will carefully move all your furniture and belongings in our specialist vans


If required, we can also offer a storage service, arranged to suit your temporary short or long term requirements

Long-term storage

Do you travel a lot? Or are you leaving for work abroad for an extended period? Say no more! Our long-term storage is a perfect solution for you, ensuring all your possessions will be safe and sound in one of our long-term storage units. We have been providing such services for years, so our highly trained staff know how to efficiently exact the task. What other advantages do our long-term storage has?

  • Suitable for all types of customers – whether you are a lone wolf that likes to travel or have a full house of adorable children with way too much stuff, we are here to present you with an opportunity for long-term storage. Business owners also can use our services while looking to free up some office space.
  • Affordable – if you need cheap long-term storage, Friendly Moves Is at your service. It is the most economical option, as you pay weekly, previously agreed fees and do not have to worry about additional costs, as it would have been if you chose self-storage.
  • Secure spaces – security is a priority, so all our long-term storage units have CCTV surveillance and are highly equipped with other means that ensure your belongings are safe and sound for the long haul.
  • Convenient collection – our experts arrive at your destination and pack all possessions into secure storage containers, freeing you from the responsibility of transporting the goods yourself and saving time and money.

Short-term storage

Are you in the middle of a small domestic relocation? Short-term storage is the most suitable option that will give you time to organize your new place and find room for all your possessions. It can go from a few days to a few weeks, temporarily taking the burden off your shoulders. Moving and short-term storage go side by side, but which other situations will require such a service?

  • Storing outdoor equipment – if you possess large pieces of equipment usable during certain parts of the year and do not have a safe place to keep it, short-term storage is the best option. Outdoor gear usually takes up much space and requires proper security. The materials we use will ensure that, letting you take them back when the time is right.
  • Storing season stuff –many possessions such as gardening tools or outdoor furniture are only used seasonally. Our short-term storage units will quickly take them off you and fit them for a couple of weeks until the weather improves.
  • Subletting a room or a home – many people decide to rent a room or sublet an entire house, generating extra money for additional expenses. While it is a great idea, it usually requires decluttering and storing unnecessary equipment for some time. Using our short-term storage options is the answer if there is no room in your present home.

Renovation storage

Home and office renovation is undoubtedly a demanding task that needs your full attention. In most cases, you do not want to let go of the equipment or furniture you possess. Thus, it is best to book our renovation storage service to ensure they are in the best condition after modernization ends.  Depending on the time of your refurbishment, you can get either long- or short-term time of assistance from the highly qualified team of experts. They ensure:

  • Furniture disassembly and packing – if needed, Friendly Moves provides help in disassembling and wrapping up your items.
  • Careful transportation of your possessions – our vans are equipped with additional materials such as moving blankets and ropes that secure the transportation.
  • Proper arrangement of all belongings in secure renovation storage containers – all our renovation storage facilities are well-equipped in means of security that ensure your possessions will stay safe and sound until its time to go.

Sports equipment storage

Who does not love sports? If you are a fan of either winter or summer activities, you probably own professional equipment. Sometimes, such stuff is in large sizes, taking up too much of your home space. That is why we distributed storage units for sports equipment, giving you a chance to enjoy your passion without worrying about keeping possessions during off-seasons. What can you expect from our sports equipment storage?

  • Versatility – our sports equipment storage can handle all kinds of possessions, from the most petite (e.g. pads and helmets) to the largest ones (e.g. sports trucks). No matter the type of sport and gear, we will get you covered.
  • High-density – we maximize the space to fit all of your belongings efficiently. Our high-density sports equipment storage provides as much space as you need, no matter the amount and size of stuff you require to lock up.

Document storage

Whether renovating your home or work office or simply decluttering, safe document storage may prove its use. Both small and more significant corporations might greatly benefit from our service, financially and economically. Paying additional rent to keep your paperwork on hand at your company is not feasible, as you may use the office space much better. Our document storage allows you to archive paperwork and save money for more important matters. If you are wondering about any document storage near you, there is no need to worry. Friendly Moves provides a complete service, from picking up the documents by one of our operators to taking them to a secure document storage facility and storing them in the best possible conditions. Do you need them back? Contact us, and you will get fast delivery from our document storage to wherever you specify.

Furniture storage

Are you looking for professional furniture storage that is not only cheap but also efficient? Need not to no more! We have operated as furniture removals and storage for a few years, keeping your possessions safe and sound for shorter or longer periods. Not only do we ensure the highest level of security, but we also provide fast and accessible booking procedures and guarded facilities. Our London furniture storage is clean and offers much space, allowing you to focus on finishing refurbishments and other projects with a clear head. Domestic renovations or international moves require finding a compartment to keep unnecessary belongings for a specified period. As we all know, furniture storage does not mean only indoor pieces! Our units fit everything, from the kitchen, bedroom or salon appliances to outdoor components. And last but not least, you can be sure that all your equipment will return in perfect condition with the previously agreed insurance package.

Business storage

Flexibility is essential for every organization to succeed. You must be able to store necessary but currently unused products or downsize as your business needs. Unfortunately, not every commercial space has this kind of flexibility. Here comes our business storage! In Friendly Moves, you can choose from a range of solutions for commercial clients across the United Kingdom. Our business storage units feature CCTV, alarms and specialized systems that ensure your work equipment is in the most secure conditions. For those needing logistical support, we also provide additional help with packing, dispatching and delivering stuff to support our clients’ greater level of services. Moreover, you can expect the highest level of services and the most efficient team of experts with years of practice and valuable knowledge to execute business storage services successfully. We are flexible and versatile, so no matter what kind of business storage solution you need, we are always here to help.

Student storage

Students often have a limited amount of space in their dorms. It is not an issue when your home is nearby, but what if you leave for a more distant area? Choose our student storage with flexible timeframes to ease your stress and focus on learning. We offer assistance during all seasons, not only when moving into your dorm but also during the summer or winter holidays. Our student storage units are conveniently located in many University towns to eliminate the problem of far travelling. What you cannot fit in your dorm will indeed find a place in one of our cheap student storage facilities in the form of lockers, rooms or large containers. If you are relocating to a different dorm, we can also be of help. Our student moving and storage service will ensure shifting will go down as smoothly and quickly as possible, giving you time for accommodation before you take your possessions back. Whether you need student summer storage or a place for a more extended period, Friendly Moves awaits!

How to give yourself a breather and not worry about the security of your possessions? Contact Friendly Moves and book a consultation to use one of our storage solutions! All mentioned are highly recommended for those who need to put their household effects on hold for a shorter or extended period and want to be sure that they will return in their ideal condition.


We have built a solid history of providing safe, affordable, secure storage in london to complement our removals services. We listen carefully to your requirements and handle each storage project with care and understanding. Moreover, we are a comprehensive and reliable removals service provider that can fulfil all your requirements with confidence based on experience of our well trained team.


Friendly Moves limited made our packing and moving easy and stress-free with their removals team. Highly Recommended!



These guys are top! Punctual, polite and professional. Clean van, so no worries there and plastic wrapped our mattresses & divan beds, so big relief. I looked around and found them to be competitively priced too. Move with confidence.



Friendly Moves is the kind of company you want to hire to take the edge of the general stresses that come with moving house. We can’t recommend them enough!



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Areas we cover in London

Friendly Moves Limited can offer You all sizes Storage in the UK. We cover all parts of London. Please check the subregions we cover!

Central London Storage

• Camden Storage
• London Storage
• Kensington Storage
• Chelsea Storage
• Islington Storage
• Lambeth Storage
• Southwark Storage
• Westminster Storage

North London Storage

• Barnet Storage
• Enfield Storage
• Haringey Storage

East London Storage

• Barking Storage
• Dagenham Storage
• Bexley Storage
• Greenwich Storage
• Havering Storage
• Lewisham Storage
• Newham Storage
• Redbridge Storage
• Tower Hamlets Storage
• Waltham Forest Storage

South London Storage

• Bromley Storage
• Croydon Storage
• Kingston Upon Thames Storage
• Merton Storage
• Sutton Storage
• Wandsworth Storage

West London Storage

• Brent Storage
• Ealing Storage
• Hammersmith Storage
• Fulham Storage
• Harrow Storage
• Richmond Upon Thames Storage
• Hillingdon Storage
• Hounslow Storage

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