Simplify Your Move With These Tips From Friendly Moves

10 things Not To Forget When Packing For A House Move

Moving home and packing up your worldly possessions can be really stressful, however you can take some of the panic away by following a few helpful tips before you move into your new home.

1) Make an inventory for each room

Make sure you don’t miss a thing. Itemise everything, including all your precious and personal items and check them off as you unpack in your new home.

2) Call your removal company

Get a reputable removal company booked in as soon as you have your dates sorted. Make sure the company you choose operates in the area you’re moving to and get a moving quote. If you’re moving out of the area or out of the country make sure you find a long distance moving company.

Make sure the company you chosen have insurance that suit your needs.

3) Order some boxes and packaging

You’ll be surprised how much stuff you will have collected over the years. You’ll need to order boxes, bubblewrap and lots of packing tape when packing for a house move. Luckily, Friendly Moves Limited has all the packing materials you’ll ever need for moving house.

4) Got pets?

It might be an idea to send your pets away to a kennels, cattery or with family whilst you pack up your home. Moving house could stress your pets out as it’s not part of the usual activity, so a day or two away with some family or friends could be just the ticket. Also it can be tough finding Felix or Fido in amongst all that packaging!

5) Send off the kids to stay with the grandparents

Having children around whilst you’re trying to pack up your entire house could add on valuable time. Get them out from under your feet for a day or so and send them on an exciting adventure with the grandparents!

6) Make a floor plan of your new home

So that your packers and movers know where your furniture goes in your new home, draw up a floor plan outlining where you want everything to go. It doesn’t have to be perfect but could save extra hassle on the moving day when there’s lots of activity. It will also help you see exactly how much space you have and could help you make decisions about what to take with you and what to chuck away.

7) Use the move to chuck out clutter

A new home, a fresh start. Why not take the opportunity to chuck away clutter that you don’t need? Anything that is usable can go to a charity shop. Anything that is valuable could go on eBay to sell and make a little bit of cash to spend in your new home. Throw anything that is broken or unused away.

8) Remember to send out “new home” cards

Order some “new home” cards and send them to your friends and family so they know that you are moving and so they know where to send a house warming gift!

9) Tell the post office you’re moving

The post office have a mail forwarding service, so that any mail that’s sent to your old address can be forwarded to you.

10) Tell the DVLA, GP, Insurance Company, Utilities, Banks…

You’ll need to let all your essential service providers and local government offices know that you’re moving. It might be helpful to write down a checklist and mark them off once you’ve let them know. You’ll be surprised at how many there are.

11) Bonus… 

…get yourself a bottle of Champagne to celebrate a successful move. Let the unpacking commence!

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