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When to Start Packing for a Move? Tips and Hacks for a Move

Moving to a new place may get you very excited, and we always look forward to the new place. But the packing part is the most hectic one, and it gets us every time we even think about it. However, packing and moving to a new place is really cool and can be less hectic if you use the right ways.

Delaying packing for a move can only cause trouble in the end, and you might get really exhausted. But, on the other hand, moving to a new place should be exciting, and you should enjoy this new chapter of your life. So please don’t stress your packing because we will teach you how to ace it.

When to Start Packing for a Move?

Usually, we know about our moving around 8 to 10 weeks before actually moving. If that is the case, you should start packing slowly and early and see how beneficial it is. Of course, you can always call a moving company if you have a tough schedule or the moving period is very short. Moving companies like Friendly Moves will help you pack and even move your essentials from one place to another.

We have divided your packing for a move into some time sections, so it does not get too hectic for you. So follow the schedule and see how the packing tips do their wonders.

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6-7 Weeks before Moving

Now is the time to start making a list and going through all your belongings. You might not need all of the things you have at your place to go to the new place. So it is better to clean the mess and think of things you want to take with you. Consider donating the items that are of no use to you and in good condition.

Do a thorough examination of your place to check which items you want to take and which items you should donate or waste. Moreover, you should also start looking for moving companies. Start searching for the best moving companies in England. Friendly Moves provides the best moving and packing services in England. Visit the website or contact them to get a quote.

3-4 Weeks before Moving

After selecting the things you want to take with you, it is time to start organizing and packing them. First, make a moving checklist and start packing the things you will not use daily. Then, get some boxes for moving and start packing.

Keep a moving checklist with you, and try to cross at least one to two things every day. Then, label your boxes and attach the list of things on the top of the box. Trust me, and this tip will help you a lot with the unpacking process.

If you are worried about where you should start, start from one room at a time. Pack and finish one room and then move to the next one. At this point, you must have chosen your moving company as well.

1 Week before Moving

Now is the time to speed up the process a little. Fix the date with your moving services and start packing the essential things as well. You can keep the moving boxes open, use the products, and put them back in the same box.

Consider giving moving boxes to other family members so they can pack their essential items accordingly. Contact your movers to help you pack some big items. It will help you a lot and ease the burden.

Moving Day

Pack the food items and clean the fridge and freezer. Close all the boxes and tape them. Make sure they are secure enough and won’t break during the moving process. Call your moving company and label the items you want them to move. It is essential to guide and keep an eye on the movers as well.

Keep your personal items like mobile phones, laptops, jewellery, and important papers as well. Take them with you so that they will stay safe throughout the moving process.

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Tips and Hacks for a Move

Packing is no fun for any of us. It is hard even to start the procedure. You can also get stuck in between because it is not a trip’s packing. You are moving entirely to another place which can be very hard. We understand the hardships, and that is why we recommend hiring a moving company that can help you with packing.

And if you are looking for some tips and tricks to make the packing and unpacking process not so troubling, then we are here as well. In this article, we will mention some of the special packings and moving tips that are helpful in real life. So buckle up, and let’s get started.

  1. Make a Moving Checklist

A moving list is going to be your lifesaver. If you want not to miss anything while packing and moving, only a moving list can help you. When you decide to move, the first thing you should do is PLAN. Plan on how you are going to pack and move everything.

And for that, you need a moving list. A moving checklist will help you see how much work is done and how much is left. Mark the moving checklist daily and mention everything on the list, so you pack without missing anything.

  1. Donate. Donate. Donate.

There will be so many things at your place that are of no use. Instead of throwing them away, you can donate them so that the deserving people benefit from them. The items such as your clothes, furniture, or even food can be donated.

Collect all the things that are still in good condition. Pack them and make a call to any NGO. They will pick up all the stuff and will distribute it to the needy. Things you don’t want can be a need for others.

  1. Book Early

Making plans on time and booking a moving company early can help you a lot. If you delay finding and hiring the right moving company for you, you might end up hiring the wrong one. Do some research and spend some time finding the right moving company. Companies like Friendly Moves give a quote for packing and moving services as well.

You should also ask for proof of insurance before hiring a moving company. Read the reviews mentioned on the websites and then choose the right one on time.

  1. Invest more In Moving Boxes

Your old light cardboard boxes are not going to support your household items. So it is important to find the right moving boxes and invest some more in them. We suggest buying quality moving boxes because you will put some important and expensive items in them.

And moving boxes from one place to another is not easy. If the box tears apart, you may face a lot of damage. Especially when you are packing kitchen items, always use quality boxes because there are many fragile things.

  1. Label and Take Photos

After packing everything into the boxes, you should consider labelling them or even taking pictures of the boxes. It can be very helpful while you are unpacking. Make the list of things inside the box and tape them on the top of the box.

This way, you will remember what each box has. Also, please take pictures of your furniture items and other essentials before you hand them to the movers. This way, you will remember what you handed over to the movers and carefully reach everything.

  1. Avoid Mixing Items

Always remember to pack in an organized order. Pack the products of each room separately so you don’t face much trouble while unpacking. Mention the room’s name on the box so that you don’t end up mixing the items. Packing things separately will make the unpacking process a lot easier and efficient.

Packing and Moving Services at Friendly Moves

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