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Tips for Moving with Pets – 10 Tips and Advice

Do you want to move without stressing your pets? Do you care about their well-being and adaptation to new conditions? Check out our article for tips on how to do this. Moving to a new place and adjusting to a new environment is not an easy thing. Packing and moving are hectic, and it can get more hectic when you have a cute pet with you. A pet, be it a dog or a cat, requires a lot of your attention and gets used to their home and the environment.

Adjusting to a new environment and a new place will be harder on them. This is because you are not giving them enough attention in the packing process, and a new space might affect your pet’s mental health. In addition, it is not easy for them to understand and adjust to the new space, and that is why they require some extra attention during the moving process.

Tips and Advice for your Pet during the move

If you are worried about handling your pet while you pack and move to a new place, then this article is for you. We are here to help you by providing some easy tips and tricks, so you don’t have to be worried about moving with your pet.

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1.      Get them Used to Packing Boxes.

Your pet might get astonished by the new blocks of cardboard you are bringing to your house. But you can turn the tables and make the boxes a fun part for them. Of course, moving boxes are a must when it comes to packing but to make your pet comfortable with it, and you have to normalize things between your pet and the box.

Make some games with the boxes and play with them. Then, pack things in front of them while playing and cuddling with them to make them feel comfortable. This way, they will not feel weird about packing everything and will not stress over it.

2.      Pay a visit to the Vet.

It is very important to pay a visit to your vet. If you are moving to a new area, ask your vet to make a complete file regarding your pet so when you visit your new vet, you can have a complete history of your pet.

Also, tell them that you are moving to check the pet if there are signs of any illness or anxiety with your pet. Early detection is important, and you can also ask your vet for some tips and medications if your pet reacts to the moving and packing process.

3.      Get Their Pet Passport

If you are moving across the country with pets, the most crucial thing is to get a pet passport. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions and limited resources, the process can be delayed. So make sure you apply for a pet passport on time, so you don’t have to face any delays.

You can contact any pet agency near you and ask for their help. A pet agency will help you speed up the process and guide you to travel with your pets without any problems.

4.      Spend more Time at your House

You need some time to adjust to your new house and the new environment. And your dog or cat will take more time to adjust to a new place. So you need to spend some more time with your pet.

When you shift to a new house, try spending more time with your pet at the new place. Give them some extra attention, so they don’t feel lonely. Make them familiar with the new area and play as much as you can with them. Of course, you have to keep doing that for some time, and when you see that they are adjusting, you can get back to your normal routine.

5.      Keep an Eye on your Pet

During the moving process, many things can be dangerous for your pet. Every item of your house is out and in the packing process, and some things can be hazardous for your pet. Moving with a dog or moving with a cat is not going to be an easy task.

They will go everywhere and try to play with everything. There can be unprotected wires, fragile things, or inedible things that your pet should not touch. To keep them safe, keep an eye on them and try to keep them away from such things.

6.      Make sure They Exercise.

If you are moving with a dog or a cat, you must know how important it is for them to play and exercise. If they feel stressed, they will not play and not exercise, which can be bad for their health. We understand a lot is going on in your life with the packing and moving process, but your pet needs to be well-fed and exercised as well.

You have taken their responsibility, so try to play with them for some time every day. Then, take them to the nearest park and let them explore the new area. It is good for them to adjust as soon as possible to the new area so they can get back to their normal routines.

7.      Introduce them to One Room at a Time

If you are moving to a bigger place with lots of rooms and new places, your pet might feel lost and confused at the start. To make them feel safe and not lost, try introducing them to one room at a time. You can start with one portion of your house and make them feel comfortable and homey there.

Once they are used to one part of the house, show them the other areas gradually. You should also try to keep their toys or some things that they are attached to with them. This way, they will feel safe and feel at home.

8.      Pack an Emergency Bag for your Pet

If you are moving across the country with pets or moving to an entirely new area, it is suggested that you make an emergency bag for your pet. You can ask your vet for some medications and tips if your pet has pre-moving anxiety or travelling fear that you can carry in your emergency bag.

You should also put their favourite food, some comforting toys they love to play with, and emergency medication in the emergency bag. It is important to be prepared whenever moving with a pet.

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9.      Know About Pet Laws

Every state has different laws regarding pets. When you plan to move internationally, it is important to know more about their laws. Do some thorough research and prepare yourself for the state laws. Some will ask for important documents at the airport, while some will ask you to quarantine for a few days.

No matter where you are moving, know the pet laws and prepare the documents accordingly to avoid any trouble.

10. Take your Pet to Some Rides

To get your pet used to travelling, make sure you take your pet for some car rides. This will make your pet comfortable when it comes to the actual moving process, and they will enjoy the ride to their new home. Make car rides and travelling fun for them as much as you can so they don’t get stressed during the moving time.


Pets are the best part of your life. However, to make them feel comfortable and wanted all the time, you need to give them some extra attention during the moving process. Follow the tips mentioned above and advice to prevent your pet from being affected by the moving process.