Simplify Your Move With These Tips From Friendly Moves

Simplify Your Move With These Tips

As a popular home removal company covering London, at Friendly Moves Ltd, we’ve seen lots of people moving house and we know how the best moves were organised by our residential clients.

We’ve also seen clients who made moving house difficult for themselves by not following these best practice moving tips.

Luckily, as a result of our vast removals experience, we have plenty of tips to share to help you get through your upcoming move.

Here are a few to start of with:


Stopping visiting the supermarket the week before you move home. Many people have more food in their kitchens than they can possibly eat, and that’s a real problem when it’s time to move. One of the toughest things to move is your food, so about a month before you move, begin using up the food you have in the freezer because it will go off if moved on a hot day. Don’t worry about going short of food before the move, because you can start shopping again after you’ve completed your move into your new home or flat.


Don’t over-pack boxes. It’s tough to decide what might go into each box, but be very careful as you make those decisions. Trying to fit one more thing in or choosing items that are simply too heavy for a given box always means trouble. The box could break on the way to the truck or into your new home, and if you have fragile items inside, they could suffer the consequences. Better to have more boxes with less in each box.


If you have a pet, consider a pet care service for a few days before the move and a few days after. It can help to make his or her transition far less stressful.


Think donation. As you begin to pack, you’ll find it’s the perfect time to get rid of lots of accumulated items. De-clutter and donate what you don’t use to your favourite charity shop. They’ll thank you, and you’ll thank you when you don’t have to unpack items you don’t need.

The biggest tip we have to offer? Choose the right home removal company from the start. Contact us today to discover more about our friendly and reliable removals services.

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