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Moving Nightmares and How to Avoid them

Want to move without a lot of hassle and nightmares? You can do it with our tips! Check how to avoid unnecessary stress and problems when moving! Moving to a new place can be beneficial for anyone, but only if it is done right. The idea of moving to a new place itself is already pretty daunting because you are leaving everything behind, but at the same time, it is exciting as well.

Moving from place to place is a very hectic task. It is not easy to make yourself feel at home and adjust easily to a new area. But this is how things work, and moving may bring many good things into your life.

Moving to a new place and packing your whole house is not an easy task. There can be many things that can go wrong, and packing can become a nightmare for you. To save yourself from such nightmares, we are here to prepare you beforehand.

Moving Nightmares and their Solutions

This article will discuss some of the moving and packing problems you might face while doing it. And to avoid them, we are going to have solutions for it as well. So let’s dive in.

1.     Unlabelled Boxes

Labelling your boxes according to the things you pack inside can be beneficial, especially during unpacking. However, unlabelled boxes are going to be a nightmare for you while unpacking. You will not know which box has which things, and this will only make things tough.

While it may sound not so bad, but in reality, it will be pretty hard and tiring. In addition, opening every box to find certain things will make you frustrated. So remind yourself to save yourself from this trouble in the first place.

  • Solution

The solution for this nightmare is pretty simple:

  • Do not forget to label the boxes.
  • If possible, make a list of items you are placing in the box and tape it on the box to make things easier.
  • Starting the packing process from one room at a time and packing its essentials is also a great tip to follow!

2.     Missing Items

One of the biggest nightmares one can face while moving is the missing items. Imagine losing your precious items while moving and packing. It will not only be frustrating, but some things might be expensive, and they can cause a big loss. Moreover, your little negligence can cause big trouble which you do not want.

  • Solution

It is very important to pack everything in order and count every packed box. Keep your personal and expensive things like a laptop, jewellery, and important documents with you. Also, count the things before handing them over to the movers and count them again at your new place.

It is also important to hire quality movers like Friendly Movers. A good moving company is responsible enough to move and pack all your items with complete attention without missing any item. So hire someone responsible enough.

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3.     COVID Restrictions

The pandemic going all over the world has made everything very difficult. And the case is the same when it comes to moving from place to place. There are so many restrictions and travelling issues that it seems no less than a horrible nightmare.

Especially if you are moving across the country or internationally, things get a little tougher. There can be visa and ticketing issues. So many flights are being cancelled, and moving your essentials across the world is a bigger problem.

  • Solution

With COVID restrictions going globally, it is very important to start the moving process before time. When you plan to move across the country, try booking everything in advance. Then, look for international moving companies that can help you move your essential items.

Take complete precautionary measures and follow all the SOPs while moving from one place to another. Nothing’s more important than your health.

4.     Moving Companies Can’t Move Certain Items.

What is more annoying than a moving company creating issues at the last minute. Imagine you being completely packed and leaving the place on a certain day, but the moving company refuses to take your items because they are not capable enough.

This will be very difficult, and finding the moving company at the last minute to lift your essentials and other furniture items is almost impossible. You do not want to face such moving problems.

  • Solution

Do thorough research before hiring a moving company. It is a very crucial step because you are handling almost everything for them, so choose wisely. Discuss your moving items beforehand and ask if they have the proper equipment and human resources to lift certain heavy items.

Moving companies from London like Friendly Movers can help you a lot in this matter and provide man and van services for heavy items such as piano, fine arts, and other furniture items.,

5.     Incomplete Documents

Moving internationally without incomplete documents is not only hectic but will cause serious troubles as well. Moreover, due to the pandemic situations, there can be a lot of delays, but documents are always important.

You can also face legal actions against you without the important documents, which can go pretty bad.

  • Solution

Completing documents before moving should be your main priority. There will be no moving if you don’t have the papers with you. So apply to places weeks before you should because of the current global situation. So in case you face a delay, it won’t affect your moving plans.

Hire some agents to make the process go faster and efficiently. Complete all the documentation at least one week before the moving day.

6.     Hate Packing?

Some people don’t enjoy packing, and we understand the feeling. When you don’t enjoy something, you will keep delaying, and delays in packing can take you nowhere. It will be hard to pack the entire space in just a few days.

It will not be an easy process if you hate packing and are just delaying it because you don’t know where to start.

  • Solution

The best solution for people who hate packing and moving and cannot do it by themselves is to hire a packing company. Hiring a moving and packing company helps you a lot. They will handle all your essentials with care and will help you pack in no time.

If you are tight on budget, you can also ask your friends and family to help you pack. Doing it alone may be very hard and boring, but with some experienced people, it can make things a lot easier.

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Some Must-Follow Packing Tips

  • Always make a planning list before you start to plan.
  • Start from one place at one time in your house or office when you start packing.
  • Choose the right size of boxes and do not forget to label them.
  • Hire the right moving company.
  • Finish your packing before the arrival of movers.


Packing can go wrong very easily and will only get more hectic. But it is in your hands to manage and keep track of things in the right way. Following some of the basic tips and techniques will help the packing and moving process a lot easier. Prepare yourself for the move. Take the right steps and enjoy your new place.