Tips and Advice for Moving at Christmas Time

Tips and Advice for Moving at Christmas Time

The holiday season is, unfortunately, one of the worst days to move to another place. Moving demands a lot, and when you have to do it at Christmas time, it can even put a toll on your holiday celebrations. Most people prefer to move in winter, but if you want to do it at Christmas time, you have to be extra careful about all the moving steps.

Moving at Christmas time will be stressful, but you can reduce the stress load by doing everything correctly and on time. As an expert, let’s give you some tips and tricks that can help you move at Christmas without any complications.

Plan Everything

The most important thing you should do before moving is to plan everything. It is crucial to have an idea of the chores and moving steps you need to do. Planning is what makes anything successful, and if you do not have a plan, you will not be able to ace your moving process.

Get yourself a notebook and pen and write down everything you have to do for the packing and moving process. Make a moving checklist and try to cut off at least one thing from the checklist every day. Do not forget to write down anything because you might miss it if you don’t write it.

 Everything Early while moving at Christmas

Time Management

Time management is very important when it comes to moving. And when you are planning to move on Christmas, you can not delay packing or any procedure, or you might face a lot of trouble on a moving day. Festive seasons are usually busier than the usual days, and you will have some plans for it. So it is essential to manage and utilize the time you have. 

We understand that you want to use the Christmas holidays and move to the new place on time, but it is important to do everything on time. It would be best to start packing earlier than usual because the festive season might disturb your packing schedule, so it is always better to be early than late.

Book Everything Early while moving at Christmas

The Christmas season is packed and jammed everywhere. Everything will be sold out, booked, or not available. It is important to get everything on time, so you don’t face trouble in the end. The most crucial thing is to book your movers. You might face a little problem finding a quality moving company during the holiday season.

But no need to worry because Friendly Movers got you covered. Friendly Movers is a trusted and reliable moving company that provides almost all kinds of moving services in London throughout the holiday season, including man and van services.

Some other things you must buy and book early include packing boxes, house help, or cancelling your old place subscriptions. Update your addresses on time because Christmas time is holiday time.

Get Benefit from Holiday Sales

Christmas sales are the best part of the year. Why not use it for your packing as well? The holiday sales usually start from the end of October and last till the new year holidays. You will be getting amazing discounts at that time of the year.

So make a list of all the necessary items, and you will be more likely to find them on sale at this time of the year. We mentioned packing early, but you should wait for the holiday season to begin shopping and be on time to get everything you need. Some essential things must include holiday boxes, markers, tapes, necessary items for the new house, etc.

Check the Weather Forecast

You might ignore the weather factor usually, but Christmas time means lots of snow and bad weather. It will be tough to move your items in bad weather, and the movers might not be able to move your items efficiently. That is why it is suggested to check the weather forecast for many days and then choose the day with better weather.

Snowy weather slows down the process, and London’s snow can be pretty harsh sometimes. To find a suitable day where there are fewer chances of snow or bad weather and book your movers on that day.

Be Safe while moving at Christmas Time

Avoid Planning Gatherings

Christmas is the time when everyone has plans. There are a lot of family and friends gatherings and a lot of house parties as well. Unlike other holiday seasons, you should not plan a gathering at your house because you are in the middle of the moving process.

Gatherings will only increase the workload, which you do not want at this time. It is better to avoid any gatherings at your place because most of the items will be packed, and you will not be able to cater to the guests in the best ways.

Be Safe while moving at Christmas Time

During the holiday season, the crime rate rises from usual. Robberies and theft are expected during the holiday season, so it is essential to be safe rather than sorry later. The packing process might stress you but do not forget to keep every item safe and locked.

Hire trusted workers from reliable sources to stay away from scams. Do not let any stranger help you with the process because they might be here to scam or steal from you. So take all the precautionary measures and be safe during the holiday season. 

Decorate and Celebrate

After you move to your new house, it will be hard for you to decorate like usual. But it is acceptable for this year. Take your time adjusting to the new place. Keep the holiday decorations to a minimum and relax at your new place.

The Christmas season is also a perfect time to meet your neighbours. Introduce them to yourself, and do not forget to host a party once you ultimately settle at your new place.


Moving to a new place is a very exciting journey. But it gets a little hard when you have to move during Christmas time. But keeping a few things in mind and managing time efficiently will help you a lot. So, don’t forget to follow the tips and tricks and enjoy your Christmas at your new place.

Merry Christmas!