Man and Van Services: What you Need to Know

Man and Van Services: What you Need to Know

Are you planning to move across the city? It is definitely not easy to move from one place to another with all your belongings and adjust to the new area. While the idea of moving itself makes us all confused and terrified, the process is much more challenging.

When it comes to moving your belongings from one place to the other, you cannot do it independently. Some things are very heavy or too fragile to be carried by you so that you might need a helping hand with it. That is when you need a man with a van to carry your belongings.

Man with van services does not only mean that there’s a man who owns a big truck, and you should hire them or ask for their help. They should be cooperative and experienced in handling all kinds of things so they can carry your items safely. Friendly Movers offers man and van services in London, and it includes experienced movers and safe van service to move your things from place to place, safe and sound.

Why do you need Man and Van Service?

Even if you own a big truck yourself, it is not easy to carry everything from your old place to the new one. Man and van services not only offer a van to move your belongings but there is so much more to it. Let’s discuss some other benefits.

Why do you need Man and Van Service?

●       Save Time

Moving and shifting definitely requires a lot of time and thinking. The process includes so many steps that one might get exhausted and the daily routine gets disturbed. Man and van service saves a lot of time when you are moving. A reliable company like Friendly Movers’ man and van service includes professional movers that will pick up and deliver your things to the new place in no time.

A professional man and van service can save you a lot of time because they know what they are doing. Even if it is your first time moving, they can guide you on how to move your items to the new place and will save you the time you can spend doing some other essential things.

●       Safe and Secure Moving

The most important thing about moving is that your items are delivered safely without any theft or breaking. There can be so many fragile things in your belongings and need to be handled with care. A professional man and van service provider knows how to handle such things and will handle them with complete respect.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about someone stealing your things because a reliable man and van service provider is a trusted source that you can trust. Man and van service providers like Friendly Movers allow you to load and unload everything with your supervision and guarantee you that nothing will be lost or stolen in the way.

●       Professional Experience

A professional man and van service can give you a very different experience rather than asking for help from inexperienced people. There are so many things included in your belongings that need to be handled with care. Things like TV, Refrigerator, and piano, etc., require extra care to move.

And only a professional man and van service provider can help you move such things with complete care. They know how to load and unload everything. They have suitable vehicles with enough space and they will deliver all the things to your new place on time. So many good things make it hard to say “No” to hiring a man and van service.

Man and Van Services: What you Need to Know

Factors to Consider before hiring Man and Van Service

There are so many man and van service provider companies in London that it gets hard to choose just one for your moving. To make things a little easier and efficient for you, we have discussed some important factors that you must consider before hiring a man and van service provider. Let’s check them out so you can choose the right one.

●       Budget

The first thing that you should consider is your moving budget. You must fix a moving budget, so you don’t overspend on moving and stress after moving. When your budget is decided, it is time to find a man and van service that matches your budget.

Companies charge differently according to the services, so you must check which matches your budget. Find some of the best and reliable companies from the Internet and ask for their quotes. Then choose the one that fits your budget. Expensive services do not only mean the best services. There are many companies like Friendly Movers that can provide man and van services on an affordable budget.

●       Type of Vehicle

It is essential for you to ask your service provider before hiring them what kind of vehicle they own. You might have big and heavy objects to transfer, like a piano or a painting that can not be adjusted in a small van, so it is important to discuss them beforehand.

Discussing the type of vehicles and what is included in their services before hiring someone makes it easier for you to move without any problem.

●       Check their Insurance

If you want someone trustworthy enough to carry your belongings to your new place, then you must ask and check for the company’s insurance. As discussed above, many man and van service providers are not reliable and can damage or steal your belongings.

To save yourself from such a disaster, please choose a trustworthy moving company. Please read the reviews on the Internet and do not forget to ask for their insurance. It is better to be sure than to be sorry after.


Man and van service can make your life a lot easier if you hire a reliable company. There are many fake and unreliable man and van services, so do not go for cheap or easy. Always do your research and hire someone you think is trustworthy and reliable enough for you.