How to Get Organized During a Move 10 Practical Tips and Hack

How to Get Organized During a Move? 10 Practical Tips and Hack

Do you want to organize your move quickly, easily and without any stress? We will help you! With years of experience, we can show you now how to organize a relocation without any problems.

Moving to a new place and packing your whole place is not an easy task. There are so many things and steps for moving and packing that one can easily take the wrong directions. Therefore, you need to be organised to save yourself from the horrors of packing wrong or not packing on time.

Some people have organizing abilities in them. But if you are not one of them, you might need a packing strategy to help you do everything smoothly. Packing and moving is not an easy task, but we are here for you to make it easy and efficient.

Organizing during move Tips and Hacks

With extensive research and years of experience, we have some tips and tricks for you so you can organize your packing process and be able to ace it on time. So follow the mentioned hacks to be the best one in organizing and packing. And we assure you that nothing will go wrong. So let’s get started.

Organizing during move Tips and Hacks

1.      Label Boxes

The first and foremost thing you must not forget is to buy good quality boxes. You are going to place everything in the box, including some fragile things. And if the box breaks halfway, everything inside it is going to break. So buy some good ones and then label them. You might end up opening every box to find one thing if you do not label your boxes.

You can also make a list of things you placed inside the box and paste it on the top so the unpacking process gets easier. Labelling boxes will help you a lot when you are in the unpacking process. When you know what’s inside the box, you will place things back in their place more efficiently.

2.      Download Organizing Apps

In the digital world and advanced technology era, why not pack and move efficiently with some apps too? You might not know, but hundreds of good organizing applications are made specifically to help you organize and pack.

Applications like LetGo and Houzz are some well-known organizing apps and prove to help your work more efficiently. In addition, the applications will help you find a new place, sell some belongings or even make an organizing list as well. So, use technology to find, sell, move, or even plan your packing process and make things easier.

3.      Donate or Waste?

During the packing process, you will check and see all of the items available in your house. And you will find so many things that you haven’t used for years and are of no use anymore. So instead of packing them and taking them to your new place, try throwing them out or donating them to help others.

Find all the items that are of no use to yours and separate the ones in good condition. The items can be anything like your old clothes, books, children toys and even some furniture items. Then, call an NGO near you and ask them to pick up all the items for donation. This way, you will be helping others, and it will also make your packing process better.

4.      Make a Packing Plan

Things will go better and faster if you have a plan for them. And the same idea goes for your packing and moving process as well. Without a plan, you will go nowhere. So start with planning first. Then, when you decide to move, you first have to decide how you will start the process and finish it.

The planning may seem difficult but don’t sweat over it. Just think about where to start and start packing the things that are not used daily. Buy some packing essentials like packing boxes, tapes and markers etc. and begin the process. It will be better if you write down your plan to remember your next step.

5.      Start Early

Packing is not a one-day thing. And if you want to be organized while packing, you have to start ahead of time. The ideal time to start packing is 6-8 weeks before the moving day. So starting early will not put a lot of packing burden on you.

You can start and do everything little by little every day. It is also better to pack early rather than be late. It will also reduce the chances of anything getting wrong. Make a timetable and start on time, so you don’t miss anything while you pack.

packing and moving process

6.      Call for Help

To make your packing and moving more organized, you can call a good moving and packing company. Some good packers can help you a lot and pack a lot faster and professionally. Packing and moving companies like Friendly Movers have the best equipment and workforce to help you pack and move without any troubles.

You can also call some family or friends that can help you with your packing. Tell them your plan and ask for help so you can pack everything in no time.

7.      Make Customized Checklists

Packing your whole place is a long process. You can easily skip some important things because of the stress and anxiety you face while moving. To not miss anything during the packing process, you can make some customized checklists.

Customized checklists will help you break down the packing into smaller process phases. You can also check how much work is left and what you have achieved so far. Moreover, a customized checklist will have everything you need to remember, so you cannot forget anything if you regularly keep tabs on your checklist.

8.      Pack by Room

If you want to make your packing completely organized and efficient, you have to start in order and do one thing at a time. It is not suggested to start anywhere at your place and pack anything you like. The right way to pack is to start in one room.

Pack everything you can from that room and then move to another room. In this way, you will be able to cover every corner of your house, and there are fewer chances that you will miss anything. So select one room, buy some boxes and start packing. And only move to the next room when the first one is completely packed.

9.      Book Your Movers.

The packing process is very hectic, but one thing you should not forget is to book your movers on time. It will be hard to find quality and trustworthy movers at the last minute, so find a good moving company and hire them as early as you can.

Contact some well-known and well-reviewed moving companies. Discuss your moving process and get a quote for their services. You can also contact Friendly Movers to get a free quote for your moving and packing process.

10. Pack Essential Items at Last

During the packing process, do not pack everyday use items. You will face difficulties living the rest of the days till you move. Instead, make separate boxes for your essential items and keep them open till the end.

Use the essential items daily until you move and place them in the designated boxes before moving.


Packing can be a little troubling if you do not plan and get organized. If you want to smooth the packing process, make a move planner and a packing strategy to apply. It is also very important to hire a good moving company for your moving process, so make sure you hire the best one. Then, follow the tips and hacks and get organized easily.