packaging and moving home with pets

Have Pets? Create a Smoother Moving Experience With These Tips

Moving isn’t easy for anyone, and that’s especially true if it’s house removals when you have pets. Pets are territorial animals who enjoy the pleasure of their own home and garden or even the local park if you have a dog.

House Removals When You Have Pets

A move can create anxiety and stress in your pets, especially when you’re trying to get everything out of your current space and you introduce them quickly to a brand new environment.

Fortunately, you can ease their concerns a bit. These tips can help you build a moving experience everyone will enjoy.

Talk to Your Vet

The best step is to chat with your vet before the move occurs. Have a complete checkup for your pet, and if you’re moving out of the area, get any records necessary so you can find a new vet in your neighbourhood. Your vet will also be able to give you any helpful hints unique to your pet.

Pack an Overnight Bag

You’re already going to pack an overnight bag for you and the other members of your family. You’ll want to consider packing one for your pet too. Inside, you’ll want to include your pet’s favourite food, any treats he or she enjoys, and toys or grooming tools you need accessible as you work to unpack. If you have a cat, be sure to include some kitty litter and other like essentials.

Create A Single Room

If possible, completely unpack and set up a single room in your new home before you let your pet come in. Add some familiar objects like his or her favourite chair, toy box, or even a blanket he or she likes to sit on. When you do move your pet, seclude them to that room, and offer lots of love and attention while you move the other items into your new home. That will help your pet slowly adjust to those new surroundings while keeping the chaos of moving at bay for him or her.

Moving a pet is never easy, but the key is to take it slow. Once you’re completely moved, be sure to update their tags or even their microchip information so your pet doesn’t get lost in the new neighbourhood.

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