Why Shouldn't You Move a Piano by Yourself?

Why Shouldn’t You Move a Piano by Yourself?

The piano is an expensive luxury instrument, and moving it from place to place is not an easy task. Due to its weight and big size, it is almost impossible to move it by yourself, and you always need help to move it. Many things get damaged during the moving process if you do not take care of them and move them with irresponsibility.

If you are a piano lover, we understand how important it is for you, and that is why you will try your best not to damage it. So if you are thinking of moving the piano yourself, stay away from that idea. A piano is an expensive instrument, and one wrong step can damage it really badly.

Why Shouldn’t You Move a Piano by Yourself?

If you still think you can do it with the help of some family and friends and move the piano to a new place, then you are completely wrong. A piano is not like other items of your house, and it can be affected with a bit of mistake.

Pianos are expensive, and some are so rare that it is hard to find them again in the market. So don’t think about saving a few bucks and doing it yourself because you might have to pay a hefty price for your wrong decision in the end. If you are still thinking about it, let us clear our point a little more.

●       Not a Furniture Item

A piano is not a piece of furniture that you can move here and there with some bit of help from your closed one. It is an instrument that has different parts. And even if the smallest part of the piano is damaged or affected, your piano will not work the same way.

Pianos are super heavy and have different parts like keys, pedals, and wires. They all are pretty easy to damage or break and are very expensive if you have to repair them in the future. That is why you should handle a piano like an instrument, not a piece of furniture that you can move here and there without some professional help.

●     The piano has Different Curves and Unequal Shapes.

The piano is not like your ordinary dining table with a round shape, and you can figure out ways to move it to your new place. As a piano owner, you must be familiar with the uneven shapes and different curves your piano has, and that makes it beautiful.

That is why the piano should not be moved because it is hard for a common and inexperienced person to measure and find the correct path to move the piano and then place it again to the right location. Let some professional movers handle it because they know how to measure, pack and move out or move in the piano to your new place.

Why Shouldn't You Move a Piano by Yourself?

●       Special Equipment is Needed

As we mentioned above, a piano could weigh hundreds of pounds, and it is hard to move it with some workforce. Special moving equipment like piano dollies or skid boards is needed to move the piano from one place to another.

It is hard to find such equipment in your storeroom and without them, moving your heavy piano is impossible. So it is better to call in some professionals who have the right resources to move the piano wherever you want it to be!

How to Move a Piano?

You must be thinking now about how to move a piano without damaging it or the surroundings of your place? Well, no worries because we got you covered here as well. With a bit of work and finding the right resources, you will be able to move the piano quickly. Some things that you should keep in mind before moving a piano are:

●       Find the Right Moving Company

Not all movers are experts in moving the piano, so you must choose the movers with complete care. As we discussed above, a piano is not like any other furniture items that can be moved here and there by anyone, so make sure you find the moving company that fits the criteria.

Friendly Movers is a reliable and authentic moving company with complete equipment and experienced movers to move the piano. Friendly movers are not your ordinary moving company, but it has all the right equipment and manpower that is needed to move the piano. Our experts are professional, helpful, and very efficient that will help you a lot during the moving process.

How to Move a Piano?

●       Preparing the Piano

The next step should be packing your piano completely. Usually, moving companies like Friendly Movers can pack the piano for you and then help you move it to the new place, but if it is not included in your moving package, you have to pack the piano yourself.

Grab all the necessary items like tapes, wires, and packing sheets, and make sure you cover the whole area of the piano. Try not to damage or put pressure on the piano as it can damage anything.

●       Measure Piano, doors and Hallways

The most crucial step of moving the piano is to measure and find the right path to evacuate and enter the piano to the new place. A piano is not a small instrument, and the wrong way can damage the property and the piano as well.

So make sure to take all the necessary measurements of the piano and the doors of the place. Hire a moving company that can do it precisely. Finding quality movers is essential to measure and find the right path to move the piano without damaging anything.

●     Check if Movers have the Right Vehicle.

The right vehicle for your piano is as important as finding the right path to move the piano. A small van can not carry your piano to the new place, and if your movers try to fix the piano in it, it can damage the piano.

So, it is important to discuss and check the moving company’s vehicle before hiring them to move your piano. In this way, you will not have to face any trouble on a moving day.


Moving a piano yourself is not a good idea, and you should not try to do such things. There are so many piano movers in London, like Friendly Movers, that can help you move your piano from one place to another efficiently.