Man and Van. The Best Furniture Movers In The West London

Why is moving furniture so tiring?

Moving in itself is a challenging process, not to mention lifting and transporting heavy furniture adds even more to the plate. Depending on the size and shape of items, the process may go either splendidly good or terribly wrong. Given that the procedure is much tiring for a single person, appointing a reputable man and van company to perform the task for you can honestly be in our favour. In which way can our company assist you during furniture transport and what methods do we have while doing so? Let’s find out!

Hire a Man and Van to help you out with all the hard work and heavy lifting

Moving heavy objects, no matter the amount, always proves to be a hard task, especially if it is our first time doing so. What steps should we take to avoid unnecessary hassle? First and foremost, hiring professional man with van services to assist in furniture removal is the option to start with. The experience and expertise that they have gained over the years may prove to be essential, even when stumbling upon some inconveniences. Given that such belongings are usually of a large size and may be hard to transport, additional pair of hands is the key to achieve a successful outcome. Friendly Moves, a man and van West London company that has been on the market for a long time, guarantee that all the workers will handle the work with care and secure them in the best way possible to avoid any possible damage. Do not shy away from valuable help, you cannot do all by yourself!

5 Tricks Man and Van Use to Move Heavy Furniture

5 Tricks Man and Van Use to Move Heavy Furniture

In order to move heavy furniture, we must form a plan and make use of methods that will ensure their security. There is no one that knows the procedure better than a reliable man and van service. What tricks do we use to avoid mistakes?

Disassembling the largest items

The most convenient way of moving furniture, although may take longer, is dismantling them. A piece of cake for man with van West London service. In some cases, there is no means to transport the items out of the house because of their size, therefore they must be deconstructed. If you decided on our man with van West London services to help in doing so, you do not need to worry, because the professionals will do all the work themselves. That way, you save time and effort for more essential tasks that still need to be done.


Another useful trick that is in use daily and proves to be effective – thick bands. They may come in handy if we are transporting a futon or fold-away mattresses or other, similar components. Why do man with van take hold of such? It is way easier to simply tie two pieces of rope around the middle of the item and carefully slide it to their next destination. Additionally, such bands may be also used for transporting smaller belongings from one floor to another across balconies or balustrades. A golden key to the success of the work of man and van services.

Furniture sliders

The so-called furniture sliders, commonly known as raised discs with a sturdy plastic on one side and soft felt on the other prove to be much efficient during heavy furniture moving. Man and van employees typically use them when handling items such as tables, chairs or couches. They are of smaller size but make no mistake that the outcome of their help will be successful. Any man with van West London that you hire should be equipped in such, as it makes their job much easier.

Shoulder dolly

A two-person lifting mechanism with straps and harnesses that lets the professionals lift the furniture with the help of their legs and torso’s powerful muscles, avoiding damage to their back. A method that man with van services often use in such processes because of its universality – you have your arms and hands free to handle other, smaller items in the meantime. Shoulder dollies are therefore typically in the assortment of a man with a van West London, letting us get a breather during removals.

Pushing instead of pulling

Often, while moving furniture alone, you pull them thus losing too much strength and getting tired way too soon. As an expert from a man with van West London service we can tell you that it is a useless activity that you may want to avoid. It puts a lot of strain on the body, especially your back. Given that man with van service professionals have had enough of experience and years of practice, we replace such method of transporting with pushing. No matter if a sofa, a bed or a table – all can be moved quickly and without much effort while getting a hang of convenient tactics. And who better to know them than a reliable man and van West London?

Need to store heavy items?

Need to store heavy items? Our West London removals at your service!

There may be cases when you will not have enough space in your new place to fit all the furniture. In such a case, asking man with van West London services to temporarily offer you storage is the best way to ensure they will be safe until the time is right to transport them back. If you have a large basement, the issue is solved. You can keep the furniture for as long as you need. But when there is no such room, storage offered by our man and van West London service may take a lot of load off of your shoulders.


Naturally, to make our move a stress-free experience, hiring professional man and van West London services is essential. Not only we know the methods and are equipped with the right essentials, but also provide valuable advice and assistance from start to finish. In the case of heavy furniture, the guidance of man with a van professionals is in your favour and will speed up the process, as well as give you much needed breather to perform other activities. What is more, apart from the assistance in packing, loading and transporting your belongings, we also offer other, useful services. Were you not aware of a reliable West London removals in the area? The luck is on your side! Give Friendly Moves a call and we will provide you with other, much needed, details to ensure the security of your heavy furniture removal.