A few words about Fine Art and Antique Removals

A few words about Fine Art and Antique Removals

Moving can be overwhelming, especially when there are precious valuables at stake. Fragile fine art and antiques present a great challenge for anyone, no matter how many relocations the person has gone through. Given much is at risk, hiring a professional man and van London to help with fine art removals seems to be the safest option. Seeking advice from a reputable company with expertise in the field may be in favour and lead to a successful outcome. However, if you decide on moving art yourself, you must follow certain steps. We have gathered all crucial information to take you through the process as efficiently as possible. Enjoy the read!

Fine Art Removals vs. Man and Van

Whether you are a private enthusiast of fine art and use it for your convenience, or an owner of large collections displayed in many public places, professional assistance in moving paintings or other means may come in handy. Given that this kind of procedure is much demanding, expertise and years of practice are greatly appreciated. Do you need to seek help from big companies or is a man with van enough for fine art removals? Because of the fast development of such, nowadays they may provide us with such services but it all depends on what kind of trucks do they have within their reach. Moving sculptures, for example, will require bigger and more spacious vans, however, moving photographs or smaller components will not call for such. In capital cities there are a lot of units that offer fine art removals services and will handle all the hard work, from packing, to loading, transporting and unloading them. Though challenging, for experienced workers moving art is a piece of cake thus hiring a man and van West London to perform such a task seems to be the smartest idea.

Fine Art Removals vs. Man and Van

Here are 5 important steps you must always follow when relocating art

No matter if you decide to hire professional fine art removals London services or do the task yourself, you must follow certain guidelines to successfully move sculptures and other valuables. What to start with?

Step one

Moving paintings, regardless of their size, requires much planning and preparation. Therefore consulting and hiring specialists is the best course of action that will undoubtedly speed up the process. Many man with a van West London companies have extensive knowledge and expertise in handling antique removals and will provide you with materials and methods required to carefully pack and load your priceless possessions and transport them to a desired destination.  

Step two

After getting the hang of fine art removals London company, you, along with experts, must prepare a special plan that will help you in sorting and packing all valuables. Moving photographs, sculptures or antiques when they all require different packaging is no piece of cake. In order to do it efficiently, we must implement certain procedures. First of all, with the help of hired man with van West London service, we should divide all into sections. What for, you ask? It would be way easier to pack each item, if they are placed together. Some fine art removals London, while moving sculptures, use this method and advise it to their clients as a faster way to achieve a successful outcome. Given that they are of large size and, sometimes, strange shapes, we must take precaution and securely wrap and cushion them for maximum protection during the shipping process.

Step three

When the belongings are packed, there comes a need for a fine art transport service that will handle them with utmost care and respect. For experienced workers moving art is another day on the job, some easier than the other. To ensure that the procedure of moving paintings will go as smooth as possible, we must discuss all the potential issues that may arise on the way and eliminate them beforehand. Even though antique removals for professionals may not be as problematic, there is no guarantee that, during transportation, something will not go sideways. How to avoid such? When we hire fine art transport London company and pack all meant for moving sculptures, we must decide on the right order of placing them in the truck as not to put them at the risk of damage. Use additional materials or set them in a way that they will not bump against each other, even in difficult areas, and you are safe to go.

Step four

Moving art, as we have mentioned already, is way easier when you decide to reach out for help from professional fine art removals service. Their guidance will be in favour of the procedure and will take a heavy load off our shoulders. However, while hiring antique removals London company, we should remember about insurance. Such precious belongings usually cost much money so moving paintings or other familiar means, even done by experts, is always a risk. When you get your contract, check if it is included or must be added. Never move photographs, paintings, sculptures and other without insurance! Even if on time the procedure will go smoothly and nothing gets damaged, other times you may not be as lucky.

Step five

Antique removals London services, apart from the mentioned above, offer to unload art as well. When you move photographs, unpacking may not be as demanding as in the case of larger belongings such as sculptures. However, it will give you peace of mind if workers with expertise in the field handle it. What is more and depending on the timeline of your move either short- or long-term storage might be a practical way to protect your collection. In the case of fine art, transporting them may take a while because of the size, so placing some of them in a safe space to wait will ensure their security.

A few words about Fine Art and Antique Removals


As we can see, not only packing, but also fine art transport and unloading takes a lot of time and effort. If you are a fan and owner of some special collections of sculptures or paintings, surely you yearn to handle them with care during the moving time. Reaching out for help to fine art removals London is the best way to get through the process victoriously and without putting the precious items at risk. Let the professionals do the work and enjoy your fine art for years to come!