What Should You Ask London Movers and Packers Before Using Their Service?

What Should You Ask London Movers and Packers Before Using Their Service?

Are you planning a move in the near future? If so, has the employment of professional moving and packing company ever crossed your mind? As is known, shifting home is a demanding process, with high-quality services being of great importance. You cannot count on luck and hire someone on a whim. By asking the proper inquiries, you guarantee yourself a hassle-free procedure and a flourishing start to your new life. On that account, what kind of questions should you pose before London movers and packers before hiring? How to choose the best service? Let’s find out!

How to hire an authentic supplier of moving and packing service?

The best approach to find the realest and most proven movers and packers in London is to do thorough research. Nowadays, this is not a hard task, given that there are many social media groups that discuss specific topics and share their opinions. You can select a few options and then run them by close friends and family who may have already used such services. Later on, check the credentials of all recommended. If one of the moving and packing services is not licensed, then you should definitely cross them off of your list. With registered units, you are sure that the assistance will be of high-quality and your relocation will go smoothly. When you finally decide on hiring specified London movers and packers, you need to prepare a set of questions to ask them that will prove of their validity. Focus on the most important stages of your relocation, including insurance, any additional fees and their work ethic, and you will not experience any inconveniences on the way.

10 questions you should ask the London packers and movers before hiring them

10 questions you should ask the London packers and movers before hiring them

As mentioned before, hiring professional packers and movers UK is no easy task which you must approach appropriately. If this is your first time reaching for such assistance, you should definitelymake a list of questions that interest you and pose them before professionals during a typical one-on-one conference. What are the top 10 inquiries you can ask of a moving and packing service?

1.    Is your company licensed?

First and foremost, remember to check the credentials. Reliable and authentic movers and packers in London share it on its official website or present it to you during the first meeting. If such a situation does not happen, request records that prove the validity and ensure you chose the best service.

2.    What services are included in my quote?

Usually, London movers and packers provide you with a fixed quote that include the costs of services provided. Be aware that there are limitations with the fee consisting of only certain activities. It is best to ask what assistance will you get for such price and what is paid additionally to avoid being surprised later on. As for our moving and packing service, you can find all the necessary information on the Terms and Conditions tab.

3.    How are the moves priced?

It is no secret that movers and packers in London may acquire different fees. If you are choosing your favourite one, you may want to estimate which of them is closer to your budget rate. Request a line-item breakdown of services to select a company that answers your needs without too much damage to your bank account.

4.    How many movers do I get?

The question concerning the number of packers and movers is much essential to the efficiency of the procedure. You cannot calculate the exact time of the duration of the relocation without knowing how many professionals will be working for you. Consult it with packers and movers UK to give yourself peace of mind.

5.    Are additional materials (i.e. tapes, boxes, stickers) provided?

Make sure to find out if any extra equipment to properly wrap and secure your goods is included in the quote. Those are essential for the safety of the transportation process. However, your moving and packing company may require additional fee for providing such. Although paid extra, our years of experience proved that professional materials are way better at securing your belongings than a stationer’s ones. And during relocations of expensive goods, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

6.    To which floor will you deliver my goods?

Depending on whether you relocate to a single-family house or another apartment building, always ask about from which ground is the assistance paid additionally. As for our moving and packing service, we implement extra charges for collecting and delivering goods above the first upper floor.

7.    Are my goods insured?

Your goods, even though secured, may get damaged during transportation. There might be some hardships on the way that our moving and packing company cannot predict and avoid, so you must make sure that all your items will be insured, as well as get acquainted with the time stamp on the liability for the damages

8.    Are there any expenses provided due to the delay in schedule?

There might be, for reasons beyond our control, potential delays in the schedule of your relocation. If you agree on a specific delivery time and that is not met, you are free to ask for a refund of expenses. Keep that in mind during consultation. If your moving and packing service do not mention it, request it yourself.

9.    Are there any extra charges?

As mentioned already, not all of your expected services are included in the basic quote. If you are unsure whether your packers and movers UK charge extra for any service that you want to acquire, check it or discuss during the first meeting.

10. Can you offer storage?

Sometimes, we cannot fit all our belongings within our new home. Or we simply do not want to. Ensure your moving and packing company have facilities that offer long-time storage, and you will not have to worry about unneeded goods occupying your space.

How to hire an authentic supplier of moving and packing service?


As presented, deciding on the employment of movers and packers in London can be challenging, especially when you are a first-timer and unfamiliar with the basics. Ensure you do your research and prepare a set of questions to pose before professionals during the consultation to prevent extra stress and make the whole process a lot smoother. There is no need to hassle yourself with unnecessary work. All you need is one call to our London movers and packers to free yourself from the obligation.