London's international removals company to predict 3 stages of moving from UK

The stages of moving abroad with international removals company from London

When you decide on moving abroad, you are aware of how demanding such a process is. There is almost no doubt that you will need professional assistance every step of the way. You must not only see to prepare legal documents and ensure their authenticity but also do a lot of physical work from packing your belongings, transporting them and finally delivering them to your newest destination. It can be a big undertaking, even if you are not a first-timer. Need not worry, as our international removals company London with its years of experience will, with great pleasure, take care of the process for you. Let us brief you on the most essential details of such services, including costs and stages of moving abroad to help you decide on whether we are the best pick.

How much moving abroad can cost?

Moving abroad requires not only our time and effort but also an appropriate budget. In the case of local relocations, it is naturally less costly, given the shorter distance and other factors that are not included in the final quote. When you reach for the assistance of an international moving company, Value Added Tax is already in the fee. However, any customs duties or government, as well as statutory bodies fees, must be payable additionally. What is important is the appropriate evaluation that is conducted by European removals London company employees during the one-on-one conference. It consists of estimating the volume of goods and how they should be handled. Any additional materials, as well as timescales and access to the previous and the new property are also of great importance. To make it easier, our international removals London service will give you a fixed price. You must be aware that it may be amended if extra services are provided, currency fluctuations or changes in taxation or freight charges go beyond our control. Naturally, it is all specified in a drawn-up contract. If any changes arise, international removals London informs you instantly.

The stages of moving abroad with international removals company from London

London’s international removals company to predict 3 stages of moving from UK

If you area first-timer moving abroad from the UK to any neighbouring European countries, you may not know of how the procedure goes. There are several steps that must be taken to ensure not only its efficiency but also security of your goods before, during and after their transportation. Our international movers London concentrate on providing you with all essentials, properly handling belongings and safely delivering them to your new destination. What stages of the process are vital to its success?


First and foremost, the employees of an international moving company see to collecting all your valuables. If needed, and agreed upon, your goods will be packed and secured by additional materials. Taking advantage of such service may come in handy, especially if you are not experienced in appropriately wrapping large, sometimes anomalous, furniture. When safely packed, international removals company London staff will collect them, putting them in the best order in one specified vehicles.


Transport is one of the most crucial stages of international moving. London, given the demand of clients, offers either an exclusive or a shared container to ship your household goods. Typically, they are 20 to 40ft, the final choice being made depending on the amount of your belongings. Our international removals London service will estimate what means of transportation is needed during a previously mentioned conference, ensuring you get the best. Trucks are specifically designed to handle all kinds of furniture, no matter their size or shape. You need not worry if you possess any antiques, fine art or goods like a piano – all employees of our European removals London service have knowledge how to handle and transport such in the safest way.  


The final step of the process is the delivery. When you have chosen a reliable international removals company London, you can rest easy, knowing that professionals see to arrive at your new home on time and with all your goods in their best state. If needed, you can also get assistance in unpacking the delivered goods. Upon request, the staff of European removals London will unload your belongings and place them in the places of your choosing.    

The stages of moving abroad with international removals company from London


As presented, there are a lot of stages to a successful international removals London that you must go through. However, there is no need to burden yourself, when you have means to reach for professional help. In Friendly Moves, our international moving company UK, we value quality above all, providing clients with the best service, completely tailored to their needs and budget. Given vast knowledge and years of practice, our employees will determine the factors and supply you with valuables to safely and quickly finish the process. All stages, from collecting, transporting, to delivery, will be undertaken by the best in the field, ultimately ensuring success. If you are moving abroad and in need of help, reach out to our international removals company London and let us be of service.