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First the decision to move, then finalising plans for a successful moving day. Is this you?

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There is so much to think about, but when you have decided to move house or office in London, the next step is to choose movers and packers in London to help make it happen smoothly on the day.

Choosing Your Movers and Packers

Common criteria to think about when choosing your moving company are:

  • Local or international movers?
  • Quality – Reliable, well trained
  • Experience – Skilled and knowledgeable
  • Price – quality work at a fair price
  • Fully insured
  • Reputation – See Testimonials
  • Word of mouth – A referral or recommendation from a friend or neighbour or family members

At Friendly Moves Limited, we tick all the boxes! This is because we have earned an excellent reputation through our decades of hard work, dedication and commitment to quality work. We train all our removal teams to deliver an outstanding moving and packing service and to meet the your individual requirements as a moving client.

How To Prepare For A Move?

Moving day can be a more positive experience, if it is planned well and carried out by a trustworthy mover. It seems obvious, but it is much better knowing you have an experienced team of movers and packers ready to support you and transport your precious things to your new place.

First step is packing and this can be started a few days in advance of the move day.

Packing Tips

Organise your packing boxes, cases and suit and dress carriers in advance, purchasing what you need and getting non essential clothing items packed a few days prior to the move date.

  • Have the right packing materials ready
  • Pack non essential items first
  • Then you can begin by packing less essential items
  • Be aware of the weight of each box as too heavy to lift is not good or box can open with too much weight
  • Food and especially breakfast on moving day need to be packed last! Freezer food eaten a few days beforehand to allow the fridge and freezer to be defrosted.
  • Prepare your appliances eg. oven, clean, fridge freezer, TV and satellite / cable television equipment in advance to save time.
  • Disassemble beds early on the day of the move or arrange this done for you by the moving team
  • Label boxes and items with what contents are in there and what room it is to be moved to

Do Movers and Packers Pack Everything?

  • If you have booked the packing service with us. we can pack everything for you.
  • For a one bedroom apartment it can take movers and packers 2-4 hours to pack everything.
  • For a two bedroom apartment it is nearer 3-5 hours to pack it all.
  • Houses take longer and it can take 6-10 hours to pack a three bedroom home.
  • For a four bedroom house, give 8-12 hours and for a five bedroom house approximately 10-12 hours is suitable.

All these are approximate times and may vary according to how busy your house is with furniture and how accessible your property is. Availability of lifts and stairs in apartments can make make a big difference to times. Parking too for our vans.

What Preparation Do You Have To Do?

Decide whether to pack your contents yourself or hire some professional packers. Friendly moves will also do your packing for you if you find yourself short of time or you decide that you want to book our movers and packers too.

Cancel your utilities such as electricity and gas and water. Inform them in advance of your moving date and new address and remember to take a meter reading to send them to send the final bill.

Plan for your kids and pets. Think about how you are going to transport them and who will babysit while you are between houses?

Pets can find the moving experience stressful so putting familiar items such as toys or blankets with them in a moving carry case can help.

Movers and Packers Prices

Quality is always related to price and removals is no different. Here at Friendly Moves Limited, you can rely on us to do a quality removals job for you. All our staff are fully trained in removals techniques, in how to move items carefully and securely.

We are friendly, reliable and fully insured. Doing a quality job to delight our clients is what we do and we like to differentiate ourselves from the other man and van type companies who are much less friendly  and less respectful of your house furniture.

At Friendly Moves, we pride ourselves on being moving and packing experts and offer reasonable prices too.

With Ultimate Care For Your Valuable Possessions

We even offer specialist removals service for piano moves, which are traditionally one of the most challenging things for any home owner to transport. We take it all in our stride, and will successfully move, even the piano to your new home for you.

If you haven’t got a piano to move, you will still value your valuable cooker or TV being packed properly and moved with care. So we are here and ready to give you either a removals quote if that is what you need. We also are expert packers and movers if you also want a quote for this too.

So what’s stopping you? Looking forward to being of service with your next home removal.

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