London Packers and Movers For Household Items

London Packers and Movers For Household Items

Are you at the beginning of your relocation, and packing and moving already seem tiresome and stressful? We at Friendly Moves can take away this hassle from you. A team of professional London packers and movers will gladly lend you a hand in rightly preparing your household goods for a safe and secure relocation, undoubtedly bringing the process to a successful completion. Why should you use our packing and moving service for moving house? And how long do preparations take?

Professional packing and moving service

When you are moving house, there are many things that you have to see through. Preparing your household items for relocation without damaging them on the way may seem overwhelming, which is why you should consider hiring a reliable packing and moving service. Here, at Friendly Moves Limited, we take over the stress, sharing your burden with care and handling the shifting properly. As a professional provider of packing and moving services with years of experience, we will survey your home to figure out what needs to be prepared for relocation in each room, carrying out the process according to your specified needs. Leaving such an absorbing task to the professionals allows you to focus on more pressing issues – we all know logistics are the top priority. You can get your arrangements in place while our London movers and packers will prepare and transport your possessions to their new destination. There are no challenges we are afraid of – no matter the distance or the number of goods, we will cater to your move in the best possible way.

London Packers and Movers. Your household goods will be in safe hands (WHY USE OUR PACKING SERVICE?)

London Packers and Movers. Your household goods will be in safe hands

Some people are uncomfortable with leaving the packing and moving their household goods into the hands of others. While hiring experts is totally up to you, you should be aware of the benefits of such assistance. For instance, self-packed items will not be insured. If your house is full of fragile and worthy possessions, it may be much hassle to secure them for transportation properly. London movers and packers will provide you with all the essentials to safely wrap them up and carefully move from one destination to another. Moreover, specialists also know all valuable tricks regarding practical packing techniques. As a result, they will choose the best option for your shifting, maximising space in the boxes and ensuring everything is secured precisely.

It is also important to note that without proper knowledge and experience, you cannot move heavy and unshaped items, such as fine art or musical instruments. Those need specific materials to be strapped up and deposited in the transportation means, which packers and movers in the UK will provide for you without a hassle. Need not worry about the extra costs of buying items such as boxes, piano runners or mattress protectors, as the specialist, upon further notice, will use their unique equipment while securing your household goods.

And last but not least, professional London packers and movers that will take the burden off your shoulders will let you save valuable time for other chores. Usually, such a demanding task may take a few days to even a few weeks. With a packing and moving service, the process will be less time-consuming, saving you a lot of hours that you could spend organising your life in a new home.

How Long Does It Take Two London Movers and Packers To Prepare Your Household Goods To Move?

The estimated moving time is based on the size of the property, how fast you want the relocation to happen and the number of your household goods. Typically, it takes two UK movers and packers around 3 hours to carry out the procedure for a standard studio apartment.

What about one, two or three-bedroom properties?

  • 1-bedroom properties – even though minor, shifting a 1-bedroom property requires skilful and experienced hands. Usually, two London packers and movers need around 2-3 hours to prepare your goods for the move.
  • 2-bedroom properties – as expected, the bigger the estate, the more the moving time expands. If you opt for London movers and packers in the form of two people, it will take the professionals from 5 to even 8 hours to wrap, secure and transport your belongings. Sometimes it is advisable to use more experts – notify Friendly Moves if such a situation arises, and we will provide you with all the help you need.
  • 3-bedroom properties – houses with 3 or more bedrooms cannot have a precisely estimated moving time. If you want to relocate all of your possessions, including the furniture, kitchen, and bathroom appliances, the process may take an entire day, even with the most qualified experts.

All the mentioned are standard time estimates that may vary, depending on your needs and requirements. Sometimes packing and moving services will encounter difficulties or inconveniences that will make the relocation longer. However, it will still be much easier, safer and quicker to leave shifting houses in their hands rather than risk doing it alone.

How Long Does It Take Two London Movers and Packers To Prepare Your Household Goods To Move?


Shifting houses is always tricky, whether a smaller or bigger property. Engaging London packers and movers for household items relocation is the only possibility for the successful and efficient completion of the procedure. Regardless of your destination, experts will arrive at your doorstep with knowledge, experience and essential materials to deliver safe and timely results. If you are looking for the best London movers and packers that operate across the whole of the United Kingdom and also provide international removals, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation at Friendly Moves Limited. We will get back to you as soon as possible and expertly assist you every step of the way.