<strong>London man and van services for international removals</strong>

London man and van services for international removals

When moving house, especially to a different country, it is always second nature to consider hiring professionals. They not only ensure the security and quality of the procedure but also let you save the time and money you would have wasted trying to do the shift yourself. In the UK, the most preferred option is a man and van London. We at Friendly Moves have been providing high-quality service for years, offering extremely competitive pricing and a modern fleet of vehicles for all shapes of relocations. The staff responsible for the procedure has years of expertise and knowledge, making them most qualified to do your bidding. Therefore, how can our man and van London removals help in a successful international move? Which areas do we cover? And finally, what services do we offer? Let’s hear it!

Dedicated van for your international relocation

When it comes to international removals, hiring man with a van London to organize and carry out the process is critical. The team’s assistance will save you the stress and time-consuming effort, letting you focus on more crucial matters. As known, local moves are way more superficial, while international ones can quickly become absolute nightmares. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask for help. Our man and van London offers professional service with disassembling, packing and re-assembling all your furniture, ensuring it gets moved carefully and securely. The vans are rightfully prepared to handle all kinds of equipment, safely transporting your possessions from one destination to another. There are no limitations! The size and shape of your stuff are no challenge for our vehicles. After a thorough consultation, we will choose the absolute best transport and successfully deliver your items to one of the countries you desire, proceeding on time.

How to prepare your items for an international removal service

<strong>London man and van services for international removals</strong>

Naturally, hiring man with a van London is your international relocation’s first and most vital point. However, to make it as hassle-free as possible, there are a few more steps to follow. If you possess any heavy items, such as furniture or musical instruments, you must know how to prepare them for a safe and careful relocation. There are no specific guidelines for our man and van West London service, which means that you fully control the loading and arrangement of your belongings in one of our vehicles. If you are unsure, we can offer support and advise how to do it appropriately at one of our face-to-face meetings. Need more time for a consultation? Follow the general guidelines below and get the most out of our man and van services London.

  • Ask for help – being independent is a good trait, but it does not work well with removals, especially international ones. If you decide to hire a man with a van London, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance every step of the way. Never lift heavy items on your own; move them when we are already with you.
  • Use specific materials – bubble wraps, ropes, straps, dollies and many more – those are all necessary for packing and moving items from one destination to another. We guarantee the highest standard for every material we offer, eliminating need to look for tools independently.
  • Disassemble – heavy, unshaped items usually require disassembling and removing any detachable parts. Cover them with appropriate materials, such as bubble wrap, and pack them separately in specific boxes. If you want to do it more effectively, reach out to our man and van London removals – one of our staff members will help you.
  • Label – often forgotten, holds much meaning to the relocation’s success. If you want to avoid unnecessary work while reassembling, always label each box, even the parts that are packed separately. When hiring man with a van London, you can ask for stickers or markers that our experts use daily.
  • Protect – as mentioned, properly securing items is crucial in international relocations. At the man and van London, we offer a wide range of tools that are the most appropriate. Our experts can help cover your possessions and secure the wrapped bundle with ropes or straps, ensuring the smoothness of the procedure.

Man and van services in Europe. Popular destinations

As many often state, Europe is a lovely place to live. While moving, we look for destinations most suitable to our personal preferences. Many countries are valued for historical reasons or top-rated because of their culture, economy and aesthetic values. But which of the hundreds of Europe cities do our clients like to call their new home? From years of experience, we have noted that you tend to value warmer climates. Countries such as Spain or Italy are the favourites when you decide to hire man and van London to help with international removals.

Moreover, those that look for the best job offers often choose Germany and Switzerland. They are equally pleasing to the eye and full of opportunities and delights. With some of the highest salaries in the region, Switzerland is up there for you to conquer. Lastly, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia are also considered, especially by those that value nature and a more neutral climate.

<strong>London man and van services for international removals</strong>


Even though international removals may seem challenging, engaging man and van London removals, who offer professional services puts you one step ahead and ensures a successful finish. Do not worry about packaging or transporting issues, as experts provide a complete assistance package, valuing your requirements and expectations. Regardless of the destination, man and van services London are offered to anyone who demands such a necessity. If you are close to starting a new, exciting life journey and are looking for a reliable and proven company that ensures a stress-free move abroad, reach out to a man with a van West London. We will help with international removals from all over the United Kingdom to the top Europe destinations, such as Spain, Italy, Germany and many more. At the same time, you can be at ease, knowing that everything will go down according to the plan and that you will soon cross the threshold of your new home.