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How much is it to Hire a man with a Van UK?

Moving to another place is a big step in your life, and you may need help shifting your things from one place to another. Hiring a moving company may be a lot for some people so they might prefer to hire a man with a van to help them move their belongings from one place to another.

Hiring a man with van services in the UK can be beneficial and essential to move your belongings. Imagine moving your furniture items like sofa, bed, and dining table to your new place without hiring anyone? It sounds impossible, and that is why hiring a man with van services can be a good idea.

Now the question arises, how much does it cost to hire a man with van services in London? The prices may vary and can be different due to some factors, but this article will help you understand the rates and pricing before you step into the market. So let’s get this started.

What affects the Price of Man with Van Services?

Usually, man and van services do not cost a lot, but the prices can vary due to some factors. It is crucial to consider and keep in mind the following factors to know how much you are going to pay. Understanding more about a man with a van is better so that nobody can scam you and ask for extra charges.

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  • Distance of the Move

Man and van prices vary according to the distance of the move. If you plan to move to a closer place, the charges will be low compared to moving to a faraway place. Friendly Moves offer Man and van services that can also help you move from one city to another and within London as well.

  • Company

There are hundreds of companies and people providing man and van services in London. And the prices can vary according to the company’s policies and services. Higher prices do not only mean that they are providing the best services, and the lowest prices should not mean that they are safe to hire. So it is vital to choose the right man with van services.

You can read reviews of different companies online and ask your friends or family for suggestions. If you plan to hire a man with a van in London, then Friendly Moves offer some packages at affordable prices you must check out!

  • The complexity of your Move

If your house has a different or narrow structure, you might be worried about how you will move oversized furniture items to another place. Not all homes have the same architect so some shiftings can be difficult. 

If your house has narrow hallways and stairs, the move will be very complex. You must hire a man with a van in London, and they might charge you a little more because of the complexity of your move. Friendly Moves offer excellent packages for complex moves and provide you with all the help you need for the move. Hiring a man with van services will be less hassle and more work.

  • Number of People

Man with van service does not only mean one person with a vehicle that can help you with your move. If you have a complex move and need more hands for shifting your items, you can always ask for more people for the move.

Most reliable companies offer a team of experts that can help you with your move. But this might cost you a little more rather than hiring a single person for the services. So if you need an expert team for your move, you can always get one by hiring a man with a van service.

  • Additional Services

You might not know that, but most companies also offer additional services with a man with van services. The services include packing and unpacking, extra helper, toll route fees, etc. You can benefit from the services mentioned above, and they will make your move a lot easier, but they will charge you extra money for that.

It is important to discuss the package before hiring and paying so you know what you will be getting with a man with a van service. You can also compare packages of different companies and choose the one that is the best fit for you.

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Man and Van London Prices

As mentioned above, the prices can vary according to services and different companies. But we can give you a rough estimate to be prepared on how much you will be paying for it. Man and van services are usually paid at a fixed price or hourly rate.

Fixed Price

Fixed prices are usually preferred rather than paying for every hour. It might be convenient for you because you will be getting man and van services for a more extended period.

The fixed price packages usually start from £279 to £460 (usually eight hours) depending upon the complexity and number of people you hire.

Hourly Rate

If you think that you only need a man with a van for a few hours, then it is better to pay him on an hourly basis. This way, you will not be wasting time and extra money on the services. The hourly rates usually start from

  • £30-£190 (for two hours)
  • £149-£225 (for four hours)
  • £279-£460 (for eight hours)

All of the prices mentioned above depend on the complexity of the move and the number of people you want to hire for your move.


In this article, we mentioned how much a man with a van could cost to help you understand the budget before you book one. The prices can change and vary according to time. But finding the right man with a van service for your move is essential. So do your research and find the best one in London.