Moving Checklist- You will not forget anything!

Moving Checklist- You will not forget anything!

Do you want your move to go as you plan in your head? It might seem tough for you, but it can go very smoothly and easily when you plan everything. With a proper plan and implementation, you can get everything on time and face no worries on a moving day.

It would help with an efficient moving checklist to make your move smooth and quick. A moving checklist that covers everything. If you are having a tough time finding a good checklist and it gets hard to keep up with everything, we have a good moving checklist to avoid forgetting anything. Let’s get started.

8 weeks before the Move

It is important to start on time. Take little steps at one time. Some things you must consider before eight weeks of moving are:

  • Create a Moving Budget

A budget is a must when it comes to planning. You do not want to overspend on moving, so it is important to make a budget and stick to it from the start. Keep all the expenses in your mind while creating your budget. Expenses like buying boxes, hiring movers, and even getting new things for the new house should be included.

  • Look for a New Place

When you are shifting, you obviously need a new place at your new location. Finding a new house that is within your budget and fulfilling all your requirements might take a lot of time, so it is important to start early. You can look for places online or even contact a local real estate agent to help you find a new place for you.

  • Get Organized

You might think it is too early to plan and organize for the move, but it actually takes a lot of time and effort. And that is why you need to be organized way before the actual moving day. So start looking around and get rid of things you do not want, so you don’t want to face any issue when you start packing.

  • Sell your House or talk to your Landlord.

If you own a house and plan to move permanently, you might want to consider selling the place. If you live in a rented place, then it is time when you inform and talk to your landlord that you are moving out soon.

Start Searching for the Moving Companies

6 weeks before the Move

Now is the time to start the moving process and focus more on planning and moving.

  • Start Searching for the Moving Companies

You must need a moving company that can help you with your luggage and furniture on a moving day. There are many moving companies out there, so you better start looking for a company that fulfils all your requirements and provides services within your budget.

  • Gather your Moving Equipment

It is now time to go shopping. You need to buy packing necessities like moving boxes, tapes, and other packing equipment. You can also ask for packing boxes from your friends or family. Start gathering your packing equipment, so you don’t face any delay when you start packing.

  • Contact your Bank and Insurance Companies

It is now time to contact your bank and other insurance companies and tell them that you plan to move. You can cancel your health insurance, so you don’t have to spend the extra money and save them for the next insurance and subscriptions.

  • Gather all the Paperwork

Paperwork is the most crucial part of the moving process. Any missing document can cause trouble at the last minute, and this is not something you are looking forward to. To save yourself from such troubles, you need to gather all the important documents you need for the move and be prepared.

4 Weeks Before the Move

The clock is ticking, and you must get serious about moving. So get into the packing process quickly!

  • Start Packing

When you have gathered all the packing equipment, it is now time to start the packing process. The best way is to start from one room and pack all the items from that specific room. When one room is completely done, you should move to the next one. This process will be more efficient and organized and save you a lot of time.

  • Get rid of or Donate Extra Items.

Your old house might have a lot of things that you do not need in your new house, so now is the best time to let them go. So sell some furniture items you do not need and get your hands on some extra cash. You can also donate your old books, clothes, and other items that you do not need at your new place.

Get rid of or Donate Extra Items
  • Book a Moving Company

The hunt for a moving company must end now, and you need to make a decision and contact your movers. Friendly Moves Limited is one of your best moving company choices because we provide a trusted partnership between customers and movers.

1 Week before the Move

The moving day is coming closer, so make some final arrangements while you still can.

  • Cancel all your Subscriptions

It is now time to cancel your old house subscriptions and get some new ones. You can cancel your newspaper subscription, gym subscription, etc., on time and get some new subscriptions for your new house.

  • Get Rest and Prepare Yourself

The moving process can be tough, but you can not neglect your mental and physical health. Do not work a lot and get some rest as well. Get proper sleep and prepare yourself mentally for the move.

On the Moving Day

The day has finally arrived. Keep yourself calm, and everything will go well.

  • Double Check all your Items

Before handing everything to the movers, count your boxes and double-check all your important items. You can also take pictures of your items, so you remember everything you have when you move to the new place.

  • Keep your Important Belongings with You

Keep your expensive items like jewellery and important items like paperwork etc., with you during the moving day. Do not handle them to the movers or anybody else, and keep them under your supervision.

  • Give the Last Check to your House

Give the last check to your house to make sure you have not left anything important behind.


We have compiled a phenomenal checklist that you should follow to keep tabs on everything. Handle everything with care and do not stress out. Follow the moving checklist, and you will end up making a successful move.