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How To Transport A Piano?

Transporting A Piano – Would you like some help? We’re experienced piano removals experts at Friendly Moves Limited.

Pianos are very delicate instruments despite their massive build. They can just as easily be damaged by being picked up and moved. To minimise potential damages, you must prepare for such a move.

Below, we have written a few helpful tips:


It’s good to become familiar with your piano’s history, because your piano’s age may determine what safety precautions must be taken during the transportation. The older the piano, the bigger the risk that it can get damaged. The piano’s weight determines what sort of equipment will be needed (for example; piano dolly or trolley), while the parameters are needed when deciding which position the piano should be moved in and later transported.


The move should begin with your piano, so we recommend moving any furniture that block the piano. Remember to make a clear path from the piano all the way to the moving van. Make a lot of room so your piano doesn’t get scraped or scuffed when it’s being carried.


If you’re still unsure of the safety precautions taken by the moving company you have chosen, there are a few steps you can take to protect your piano. You will need plastic covers, bubble wrap and masking tape. Carefully wrap the plastic covers and bubble wrap around the piano, and then secure it with masking tape so that it’s in place.


Pianos are very heavy and require a team of strong individuals to carry it, not to mention professional equipment, which will help distribute the weight evenly for better transportation. Furthermore, once the piano is in the moving truck, it has to be strapped in place so that it doesn’t become a safety risk once the moving truck is on the road.

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