How to Move with Kids

How to Move with Kids- Moving Tips and Tools

Moving is stressful, but when you think about moving with kids, especially if you have toddlers, it might give you chills. Kids require attention all the time, and you can’t really look for a place and give time to packing when you have them around.

But nothing is impossible. Moving with kids might not be as bad as you thought if you follow a schedule. We understand kids are unpredictable and hard to handle, especially when moving, and all your attention is diverted to other chores.

But we are here to help. While moving with kids is a scary thought, it can be a beautiful feeling as well. You and your kids at a new place will definitely enjoy and like this unique experience. To make your moving experience with kids better, we are here with some tips and tools that can help you a lot when you plan to move with kids. So sit tight, and follow the simple tips to make moving more accessible and better.

Start Packing Early

When we say you should start packing early, we mean way too early when you plan to move with kids. Kids require your attention, and you get very little time to pack daily. So it is important to plan and start packing early as soon as you can.

You can start by packing the non-essential items in your house. Packing slowly daily will also allow your kids to adjust to the boxes and the packing environment. Last-minute packing always causes trouble, so you better not go in that direction.

Include Kids in the Packing Process

Have a Backyard Sale

Having a backyard sale before moving can be fun and beneficial as well. You should not take things to the new place which are of no use anymore. And selling them before moving allows you to make some extra cash, and it will be a fun activity for your kids as well.

Make a list of things that you want to sell. Encourage your kids to donate and sell things that they no longer use as well. And do a backyard sale day with the kids. You can also sell all the items online.

Include Kids in the Packing Process

If your kids are at the age where they can help and understand the packing process, why not make use of those cute little hands. Including kids in the packing process will allow them to adjust to the moving process better.

You can also try to make the moving process fun for them. Make small activities like asking them to pack their favorite toys in the box or play with them during the packing process. Asking for their help will allow them to enjoy and accept the moving process.

Show your Kids the New Place

Showing your kids the new place and asking for their opinion will increase their confidence, and they will enjoy the packing process. Make sure to visit the new place regularly and take your kids with them. In this way, they will get familiar with the new place, which will help them adjust to the new place in less time.

Show them some nearby parks and introduce them to the neighbours. Moving instantly to the new place might stress the kids out. They might not adjust easily and ask you to go back to the old place. But showing them the place on time will help them adjust a lot.

Book Everything on Time

Booking your movers on time is always suggested, even when you are packing alone. But it is essential with kids to book everything on time, so you don’t face any troubles. Please do some research on quality movers in your free time and discuss everything before hiring them. Make sure that the moving company has good reviews and is cooperative.

Moving companies like Friendly Movers ticks every box on the checklist when it comes to moving services. So it is always better to find a moving company that is an all-rounder rather than hiring more companies for different tasks. Punctuality and planning are essential when you are moving with kids.

Pack when the Kids are Asleep

Pack when the Kids are Asleep

You might find it hard to focus and work on your packing process when kids are around and playing. So one thing you can do is pack when the kids are asleep. Whether it is their nap time or bedtime, make them go to bed, and while they are sleeping peacefully, you can do all the chores with complete focus.

You should also pack your kids’ things while they are sleeping. Packing their things like clothes and toys might scare them, and they will never allow you to pack their things so quickly, so it is better to do it when they are sleeping. Make sure to keep their necessary items unpacked till the last day.

Ask for Help

You might be hiring moving companies for packing and moving help, but when you have kids, you might be needing help to handle them too. Handling kids definitely requires more attention than packing, and it is essential to pack everything with complete attention when you are moving.

So if any of your friends or family can look after your kids for some time, especially on the moving day, do ask for their help. You do not want your kids distracting you on the moving day when the movers are working around. They might even touch or do something that can be harmful to them. So make sure you have some help for handling the kids as well.

Pack Emergency Bags for Kids

Packing an emergency bag for all of your kids is the most crucial step that you should never miss. If you are moving abroad, make a suitcase for each kid, including their medication, snacks, favourite toys, and some extra clothes.

Everything will be packed on a moving day, and it will be hard to find anything urgently from the boxes. So it is better that you make yourself prepared. Pack all the essential items and carry them with you every time, so you don’t have to face any trouble.


Moving with kids can be fun and a fantastic experience if you follow the proper steps. Of course, it will be a little hectic than simple moving, but things will get a lot easier if you plan and do everything on time.