How to Pack your Books and Bookcases when moving?

How to Pack your Books and Bookcases when moving?

Books are an asset of our lives and we get to learn so much from literature. One might say that it is no longer the era of reading books but we understand that there are people who still enjoy the touch of pages and the scent of new pages.

The enjoyment, the happiness and the peace one might get from reading and collecting books can not be found anywhere else. That is why we devote a special corner for books in our house. But when it comes to moving, you can not leave your books and bookcase behind.

They are your assets and that is why they should be packed and moved with care. Some of the books can hold special meaning or can be expensive so it is important to handle them with care. In this article, we will teach you how to pack your books and bookcases when moving.

Tips to Pack your Books

  • Place your Books in an Order

Moving can be a lot of work and that is why many things can be misplaced or lost when you are shifting to another place. If you do not want any of your books being misplaced then you might consider placing them in order.

Placing your books in alphabetical order or separating them by genre can help you make an order. It can also be a calming and soothing process for some people that can help you calm your nerves while moving. After placing them in order, you can label them so it will be easier for you when you start packing your books.

  • Start Packing Early

You can estimate a time period in which you will be done packing but in most of the cases it takes longer than expected. If you are moving for the first time, it is important to start packing early than you planned. Books are not something that you use on a daily basis so that is why you can pack your books first and then start with other things.

If you are a regular reader then you can keep one or two books aside and pack the rest of your collection so you don’t miss your daily reading.

  • Pack in Small Boxes and Label them

When it comes to packing books, we suggest that you might use smaller boxes so that they do not get very heavy or tear apart. Small boxes can also be better so you can pack your books according to the order or genre.

If you opt for bigger boxes, they can get very heavy and it will be a lot difficult to move them. So instead buy some smaller boxes and pack your books. You should also label all your boxes so your packing doesn’t get mixed up.

How to Pack your Books and Bookcases when moving?
  • Fill any Gaps in the Boxes

While packing your books, you might see that there will be gaps in the boxes or they will not be completely filled. If you leave the gap as it is, your books might be affected or get damaged. One great space saving idea you can use is to fill the gaps with your clothes.

This way your books will stay safe and you will utilize the space in the best possible ways.

  • Donate Some Books

We understand that books can be closest to your heart but if you think there are some books that are of no use to you anymore, now is the time to give them up. You are moving to a new place and you should only keep things that are important to you.

Donating books can not only empty some space for the new ones but they can also be beneficial for others. So, call your nearest local charity and donate the books you don’t need.

Tips to Pack Bookcases

  • Empty your Bookcase

Now is the time to empty your bookcase completely and start packing. Books are not used on a daily basis so packing them first will be a good idea. You should also remove any excess items like decoration pieces etc and clean the bookcase with a dry cloth.

  • Disassemble your Bookcase

Some bookcases can be disassembled easily so you might consider doing it by yourself. Unless it is lightweight and small, it is better that you disassemble it and then move it to your new place.

You can start by removing windowcases from the bookcase first and then disassemble it with the scredriver.

After all the pieces are disassembled, it will be a lot easier for you to move it to the new place and assemble it again.

  • Hire a Moving Company

If your bookcase is heavy and can not be disassembled then you should ask for help. If you have already hired a moving company, there will be no problem and they can remove the bookcase for you.

But if you have not hired a moving company, it is now time that you should start looking for a reliable moving company. Friendly Moves is a reliable and efficient moving company in London that can help you lift and move all your furniture items such as sofa, dining table and bookcases as well. Our expert team has been helping in moving people for many years now. So get your hands on an expert moving team and be stress-free.

How to Pack your Books and Bookcases when moving?


Keep your favorite books and bookcases safe and sound during the move by following the mentioned above tips and tricks. Moving can be a very hectic process and that is why we suggest you hire a moving company that can make things efficient and easy for you. Choose a reliable moving company and get with packing your books and bookcases.